product launch mistakes
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Free ebook: Top Ten Product Launch Mistakes: Common Errors to Avoid to Ensure Success

This white paper is part of the Product Launch ToolkitTM, which provides you with the training, knowledge and templates to help you run more compelling and effective product launches. The content of this white paper is at a fairly basic level - the toolkit includes much more in-depth information.

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Pg 3 - About This White Paper Pg 4 - Top Ten Product Launch Mistakes Pg 4 - No sustaining marketing plan Pg 5 - Shipping a poor quality product Pg 5 - Inadequate funding Pg 6 - Overestimating results Pg 6 - Driving customers to buy your competition Pg 6 - Announcing too early Pg 7 - No dedicated review program Pg 7 - Not communicating early enough Pg 8 - International is an afterthought Pg 9 - Next Steps

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Top Ten Product Launch Mistakes Common Errors to Avoid to Ensure Success A white paper by: Brian Lawley President, 280 Group LLC The Product Marketing and Product Management Experts™ About the 280 Group... The 280 Group LLC provides consulting, contractors, training and templates to help companies define, launch and market breakthrough new products. For more information or a free consultation call 408-834-7218 or visit t...Read More