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Free ebook: 5 Ways For Your Sales team To Leverage Marketing Content

An exceptional buying experience provides value and insight, not just facts and solutions. The hyper-personalized, perspective-shifting marketing content you provide to buyers during your sales interactions are the key contributors to that experience. It comes down to five game changers: Be responsive. Stop selling. Start targeting. Don’t be bland. Don’t drown the buyer. Download the guide to these five methods to help your sales team make the most out of your powerful marketing content and give your buyers the experience they demand (and deserve).

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Pg 2 - INTRODUCTION Pg 3 - point 1: RESP OND LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Pg 3 - point 2: STOP SELLING. START GUIDING. Pg 4 - point 3: TARGET WITH RELEVANCE AND NURTURE WITH STRATEGY. Pg 5 - point 4: MIX IT UP. Pg 5 - point 5: DON’T DROWN THE BUYER. Pg 6 - Conclusion

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5 WAYS FOR YOUR SALES TEAM TO LEVERAGE MARKETING CONTENT It’s Time To Step Up That B2B Buying Experience Are your sales reps selling? Before you jump to that defensive, knee-jerk, “Yes, of course!” response, take a few seconds to reconsider the question. Selling to the B2B buyer is not commensurate with winning the B2B buyer. And you want need to win. In today’s competitive, content-crazed and emotion-driven market, salespeople can’t afford to sit back and sell solutions. They need to win the buyer’s affinity and respect, and this takes a bit more effort than dishing out that hard-sell, close-the-deal spiel that traditional reps can preach in their sleep. The real question you need to ask: “Are my salespeople winning over our buyers by creating exceptional buying experiences?” BUILD AN EXPERIENCE, AND THEY’LL GIVE YOU LOYALTY. Today’s buyers expect a paradigm-shifting sales process: that game-changing, insight- driven buying experience that makes them think differently, think smarter, about their business. Corporate Executive Board (CEB) reports that 53% of B2B buyer loyalty is driven by the sales experience. That means that more than half of your sales enablement success depends on 1) aligning your marketing and sales teams and 2) aligning your marketing and sales processes with the way today’s savvy, self-reliant buyer wants to buy. GIVE THEM CONTENT, AND THEY’LL GIVE YOU RESPECT. An exceptional buying experience provides value and insight, not facts and solutions. The hyper-personalized, perspective-shifting marketing content you provide to buyers during your sales interactions, as well as the way you deliver this content, are the key contributors to that experience. Here are five ways to leverage your marketing content and create a remarkable, differentiating experience for your buyers: 1. RESPOND LIKE YOU MEAN IT. When a buyer reaches out, this is your only chance to make a first impression. We all know how important first impressions are, especially if the buyer already has a list of your competitors to contact next. (And he does.) You may have an incredible product or service, but if your reps don’t greet that buyer with respect and responsiveness the first time, he’s not going to give you the time of day down the line. Do not hesitate to deliver what the buyer asks for, even if it’s a request for pricing during the first call. Responsiveness is the bedrock of that all-important bridge of trust between buyer and seller. 2. STOP SELLING. START GUIDING. Buyers don’t respond to the traditional sales rep anymore. But they do respect the sales guide. Think of the sales guide as a “new breed” of sales rep. Instead of hunting for that “hook” to slip in one of his company’s off-the-shelf solutions, the sales guide attentively guides the buyer through the decision-making process. And he does this with valuable information (e.g., case studies, reports, guides and expert insight from third parties) that you can’t get with a simple online search.