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Free ebook: Demand Generation 101

Demand Generation 101 A modern demand generation program doesn’t just generate leads; it creates higher quality leads, accelerates and converts those leads more effectively, and ultimately turns more of those leads into revenue. But what are the keys for success? Our guide gives marketers the tools and tactics needed to create a winning demand generation strategy.

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Table of Contents Demand Generation Defined . 1 3 Reasons Why Demand Generation Matters to Marketers . 2 Putting Demand Generation to Work: 7 Core Capabilities. 4 1. Web Insights and Inbound Marketing . 5 2. Content Marketing. 6 3. Lead Scoring . 7 4. Lead Nurturing. 8 5. Social Networking.. 9 6. Campaign Measurement. 10 7. Align Marketing and Sales. 11 Conclusion: Marketing Automation Sets the Stage for Demand-Gen Successs. 12

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DEMAND GENERATION 101 A Marketer’s Guide to the Tools & Tactics that Drive Engagement & Pipeline FORWARD Demand Generation Can Be Tricky for Marketers Different people define demand generation in different ways, and many see it as pretty much the same thing as lead generation: the process of attracting prospects, identifying them, and moving them into an organization’s sales funnel. Today, however, demand generation is actually a much...Read More