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AMA: Airtable Head of End-User Marketing, Christy Roach on Product Launches
December 09 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 8d 17h 29m 28s

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Top Questions
What are the main components of your GTM strategy? How do those vary by product type?
How do you decide what to include in a launch or tie products together if they're not necessarily around a common business problem or for a common persona?
How do you manage small product releases that don't warrant a big splash, but are important for users to know about? What kinds of activities and deliverables do you use?
What are the most successful enablement practices you have conducted in your experience to help assist with small, medium, or large product launches?
What's your favorite launch to date and why?
When you look at the best launches that you have done, what did you get right that made them so successful?
How does Product Marketing measure the success of a launch?
Who do you typically obtain launch goals from within the organization, especially when matrixes. For example a GM of a business unit, the Product Manager for a Product and the Product Marketing Manager.
How do you track and sequence the activities leading up to a product or feature launch?
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