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AMA: Amplitude Director of Enterprise Product Marketing, Hien Phan
on Enterprise Product Marketing
October 05 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 2m 3d 15h 2m

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How do you think about the differences between "enterprise" product marketing and SMB or mid-market?
You've spent a lot of time in the world of data and analytics. What's the advantage you see as a PMM leader by specializing in an industry or technology?
How do you measure the success of a launch or campaign when your sales cycles are 2 quarters or longer?
What do you look for while hiring a junior PMM candidate, especially someone who might not have had a prior PMM experience? What assignments would you typically ask as part of recruitment?
Earlier this year. I had an interview which I think went well but after the assignment. I did not move forward to the next round. I would like to how you would handle this assignment. To be better prepared in similar situations. here the quest?
As mentioned, the next part of this process is to complete a brief assignment. The purpose of this assignment is just to see your methodology get some insight into your approach to tasks. For this assignment, I'd like for you to create a high-level go-to-market plan and strategy for Certain's flagship product our event marketing platform. Certain traditionally has targeted enterprise b2b companies. I'd like you to come up with high-level messaging, define who the target audience is, and then detail your strategy for informing the market about our event platform and getting more leads. Please identify which channels you would use, and what you would need for this go-to-market launch. Please keep your response under 2 pages.
If you could work with one Product Marketing leader, who would it be, and why?