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AMA: Auth0 Head of Product Marketing, Platform, Priya Ramamurthi
on Partner Product Marketing
November 10 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 16d 3h 50m 58s

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Top Questions
Is partner PMM a dedicated function and why is that the case or not? What's the line between partner PMM and partner marketing?
What's the longer term health of having a career in doing partner PMM?
As someone who used to be in partner marketing (on the product marketing team), I found career options to be more limiting than being a straight up PMM and my combined experience makes me a great fit for Partner PMM roles, but I hesitate making the jump into those roles
How do you structure PMM support for partners specifically? Is there a dedicated role, distributed, any tips?
How does Product Marketing get involved with alliances, partnerships and marketing the integrations of a product with another product?
Does that role change if your alliance/integration partner is larger/better-known than yours is?
How do you get buy-in and attention from your partner sales force in order to even enable them?