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AMA: Box VP Product Marketing, Alexa Schirtzinger
on Stakeholder Management
July 22 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Alexa Schirtzinger, VP Product Marketing at Box
Top Questions
How do you structure your Product Marketing team? How big is it, what does everyone do? How do you measure success of each function/person?
VP Product Marketing at Box
A lot of it depends on the types of products you're marketing. Some teams can be easily organized into solution-based pods, so if you have a lot of products in your portfolio, you might have product marketers who focus on individual products reporting up to a solutions marketer, who represents a ...more
What advice do you have for dealing with other departments 'taking' major projects and core product marketing responsibilities for themselves simply because they have resources and product marketing has a weak stance in the company, without supportive leadership and has only one or two PMMs (who are therefore barely staying on top of product launches)?
VP Product Marketing at Box
This is a tough one! I'd probably start with a simple start/stop/continue. So for exmaple: * STOP: One thing you might want to do is try to get the team out of “keep the lights on” mode. When product marketing is relegated to pushing launch after launch out the door and doesn’t have time ...more
What kinds of ongoing, cross-functional meetings do you think are important to have? Which teams are involved, and what agenda items do you recommend?
VP Product Marketing at Box
Ah yes, the meeting trap!  Unfortunately, my answer is that it depends -- on how mature your PMM team is, what your priorities and key projects are, and how you're structured. That said, a couple of guiding principles: 1. Keep it light. I try to let most meetings be ad-hoc or project-based, ...more
How do you update stakeholders, and the company as a whole, on the recent activities and achievements of product marketing?
What channel/form, what content do you include, formats, etc.
VP Product Marketing at Box
The thing I don't do is a weekly/monthly team-based newsletter. I find that these generally take a ton of work, aren't read by many people (we're all busy!), and can too easily veer into a kind of self-promotion that can build resentment within other teams. Instead, we generally focus on cross...more
What's your advice on improving a historically tense relationship between functions?
VP Product Marketing at Box
First of all: patience. Lots of it. :) As you start to unravel the history of the relationship, you’re likely to find norms that were established so long ago that no one knows why they’re there. And with every new person who comes on board, you have the opportunity to start building new, more pos...more
I just joined a new company, and their pitch decks are AWFUL and the sales teams are losing deals because of poor pitches. I'm working with a few key stakeholders to create better pitch decks, but several CSuite team members are apprehensive about trying something new because we'll be filing for IPO soon. They'd rather be consistently bad, then differently good. Any advice for how to get the Csuite team to see that trying a new pitch deck is worth it?
VP Product Marketing at Box
Bad content is so frustrating! I generally use one or all of these tactics when I’m facing headwinds like this: 1. Try to understand the cause. It sounds like what's behind the c-suite pushback is fear of change, and in my experience, CxOs (like the rest of us!) sometimes just need to b...more