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AMA: Narvar Former Director of Product Marketing, Jen Ottovegio
on Product Marketing / Demand Gen Alignment
October 17 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Jennifer Ottovegio, Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
Top Questions
What is your strategy for creating dynamic, interactive "canned demos" for the sales team given that the product frequently changes?
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
I hope the details and features of the product change and improve often… but hopefully the overarching story of what you do and why does not often change. If you keep the “canned demo” focused on the vision and benefits of your product or solution (rather than features and specific functionality)...more
How have your product marketing teams traditionally worked with your demand generation / growth marketing team?
At our company, demand gen is a much bigger function than product marketing so they drive all of the campaigns with our input, but I came from an organization where we lead the campaign strategy a bit more since we had more numbers. Anyone have a good solid process they use with their demand gen team?
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
In my experience, product marketing is the nucleus of the marketing team - driving and informing strategy for demand generation, sales enablement, and other channel owners (field, content, etc).   Good Product Marketers first need to know what is coming down the pipeline (on the product side) a...more
How do you break down responsibilities and KPI's for product launches between demand gen and product marketing?
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
I believe that the person ultimately responsible for the results, will most incentivized to succeed. So it comes down to ensuring incentives are aligned and expectations and responsibilities are clear.   For every product or feature launch, I create a go-to-market checklist that includes timeli...more
How is the demand gen team organized at your company? Is there a single person accountable for campaign execution and management or is it a shared function across other marketing team?
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
At Narvar, demand generation is under the product marketing umbrella. It helps us closely align on priorities, collaborate on campaign plans, establish goals, and measure revenue impact. This alignment is critical because we want to enact campaigns to generate demand where the business needs it m...more
What does your product marketing team do differently when executing on an account based marketing strategy compared to traditional marketing?
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
  To put it simply, ABM is a more targeted approach to storytelling and demand generation. Instead of telling 1 or 2 broad stories to large groups of prospects and/or leads, ABM forces the PMM team to narrow in on our top target accounts (both customers and prospects) and identify what story wil...more
Where should product marketing report into? Product management or marketing?
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
I’ve not personally sat on a product team (so I’m admittedly biased.) But I would vote for it to live in marketing. Here’s why - the essential functions of these teams are different: * Product Team - exists to build great products  * Marketing Team - exists to communicate the value of the prod...more
How do you figure out how to spend your time between doing product marketing as demand gen, engagement, retention, and sales?
Director of Product Marketing at Narvar
Every PMM should answer this question based on 2 factors -- the needs of the business and the strength of the funnel.   (1) Org & Biz Needs - If you have a strong sales team established with sky-high close rates, the strongest need might be in widening the funnel (demand gen). If you have a gre...more
Ask Jennifer About
  • ABM (account based marketing) - how to get it started, get buy in, get plays executed, and win deals.
  • How to position PMM as the nucleus of the marketing team and create truly multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • How to develop a GTM checklist that is scalable across different launch types.
  • How to produce an industry benchmark report.
  • How to develop the cross-functional relationships you need to get your job done.