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AMA: Gong Vice President Product Marketing, Julien Sauvage
on Product Launches
September 08 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 1m 6d 16h 22m

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Top Questions
How do you track the success of your products post-launch?
How do you manage the internal communication of releases?
Any tips for this to happen recurrently and clearly for all stakeholders who need to know this information in advance?
What are some of the best practices you use to enable sales before a huge launch?
What are the top 5 "don't"s you see too many PMMs doing when launching a new product as a product marketing manager?
Do you have a product launch template that shows what teams (and when) to incorporate into the preparation of a strategy/plan? How should I think about that?
Can you share some good examples of end-to-end execution for a product launch?
How do you track and sequence the activities leading up to a product or feature launch?