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AMA: Gong Vice President Product Marketing, Julien Sauvage on Product Launches
September 08 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Launches With Julien Sauvage , Vice President, Product Marketing at
Top Questions
How do you track the success of your products post-launch?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
Measuring the success of your launch is a fascinating topic, and no easy task. You can think of 5 dimensions of success: global impact, digital impact, revenue impact, employee impact, product impact. 1) Global impact The global impact is really about how your launch made your brand more popu...more
How do you roll out pricing and packaging for a new product launch?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
I see Pricing and Packaging as both a science and an art. What do I mean by that? It’s a science in the sense that you have to run a lot of business simulations and crunch the numbers to do the revenue projections. That is the science aspect of it. Yet there's also an emotional aspect to your p...more
How do you manage the internal communication of releases?
Any tips for this to happen recurrently and clearly for all stakeholders who need to know this information in advance?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
First off, we should clarify that releases do not mean launch and vice versa. There's a distinction there that I believe we will address in another question, part of this AMA! Am gonna be oversimplifying, on purpose. Product releases are mostly geared towards existing customers. Your install ba...more
What are some of the best practices you use to enable sales before a huge launch?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
I'm so glad you asked because I feel like enablement is often enough an afterthought for product launches. Never to be underestimated. Sales teams really need to have a single message and content to paint that big picture vision and differentiate. So when it comes to launch enablement, you alway...more
What strategies do you recommend for driving adoption of a new product, post-launch? What is the role of Product Marketing compared to other parts of the business in driving adoption?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
Launch isn’t just about market awareness, pipe and ARR/ revenue, it’s also about product adoption - MAU, WAU, DAU, product page views, clicks, etc. To optimize your post-launch product adoption, you need an integrated campaign approach where you reuse a lot of the content that was put together f...more
How do you refine your messaging and get the latest one adopted even after launch?
Often time when the launch goes general announcement (GA), everything seems finish. But obviously, launch is a series of events around a theme and it can last long after GA, especially in terms of messaging refining. But how do we keep the go-to-market team engaged to adopt it after launch?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
It starts with a super close collaboration between PMM and PM. Then I'm a big fan of using existing frameworks and templates like messaging & positioning documents, etc. There's a ton of them on various channels like the Product Marketing Alliance and others (
Can you share some good examples of end-to-end execution for a product launch?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
In my playbook there are 8 steps to a successful product launch: 1. Identify the key stakeholders 2. Outline the deliverables and set the dates and the measures 3. Define your messaging 4. Track progress towards the plan. This is where you start having weekly stand ups. 5. Execute! The ...more
What are the top 5 "don't"s you see too many PMMs doing when launching a new product as a product marketing manager?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
We product marketers all have PTSD from product launches that didn't go as planned! So let’s talk about a few common pitfalls. The biggest one is probably the lack of exec buy-in. If you don't have a strong sponsor, don't even try launching a new product. Another big one is not being able to c...more
How do you decide what to include in a launch or tie products together if they're not necessarily around a common business problem or for a common persona?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
There's always a way :)  But if that's the case, you have a great probablem. Why not separate and do two launch moments? Keep the drumbeat and make it easy by sticking to one key message for each launch. If combining products or news together feels forced, then don't do it. Your audience will...more
How would you set goals and marketing budget for the first product launch of a product-led growth, B2B SaaS company coming out of stealth when you were the first marketer? The company already has some paid customers from beta and good funding.
Vice President, Product Marketing at
Your first product launch is going to be a special one! I believe it will be maybe a little more than just about the product. It’ll be about the company. Use the opportunity to tell a really big story. So you would have to nail your market differentiation, your brand and your strategic narrative...more
Can you explain how PR helps your launches? Does PR efforts work as planned?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
It all starts with a unique point of view. So you need to have a strong messaging for every persona - across decision makers, business users, technical users, ecosystem, partners. And that messaging always needs to show a really strong human connection to a simple story. It has to be about a pai...more
What does the Go-to-Market process look like for a global product? Does it differ vs. more regional launches?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
By design, major launches are global and they rely on the general availability of the product. I would treat the regional launches as tier two or three launches. And I spend a little bit of time talking about the tiers in another question here - please check it out. Tier one is a new product o...more
how do you treat iterative releases different than launches?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
Not every launch can be treated equally! There's only so much attention that you will get from your reps, internal stakeholders and external audience. You have to prioritize. So think about 3 tiers. Tier one is a new product or a new solution or an acquisition. You would do that once, twice,...more
How do you track and sequence the activities leading up to a product or feature launch?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
You have to have a pretty streamlined process. It should be starting about three, four months ahead before launch day, and probably have three, two, five key milestones until reaching that day - the launch kickoff, a launch plan, the launch execution, launch readiness, things like that. Again, t...more
Do you have a product launch template that shows what teams (and when) to incorporate into the preparation of a strategy/plan? How should I think about that?
Vice President, Product Marketing at
We talked a lot about that in another question on this AMA - teams like PMM, product management, content, sales enablement, customer marketing, events, demand gen, and the Pricing and Packaging team that have to be involved. PMM needs to involve people from the content team, from the sales readi...more
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