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AMA: Google Head of Marketing, Google Maps Platform, Madeline Ng on Stakeholder Management
December 21 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 20d 16h 55m 36s

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Top Questions
What marketing tools (e.g. personas, buyer journeys, sales playbooks, etc) have you found most effective in getting stakeholders aligned on marketing strategy?
What pointed recommendations do you have on gaining influence as a new member of an organization or as a junior product marketing team member?
What types of messaging documents or frameworks are typically shared with stakeholders from different teams (i.e. product, marketing, execs, etc.)?
I just joined a new company, and their pitch decks are AWFUL and the sales teams are losing deals because of poor pitches. I'm working with a few key stakeholders to create better pitch decks, but several CSuite team members are apprehensive about trying something new because we'll be filing for IPO soon. They'd rather be consistently bad, then differently good. Any advice for how to get the Csuite team to see that trying a new pitch deck is worth it?
What approach do you take to build internal consensus among stakeholders when you have limited data to prove/disprove an idea?
How do product marketing key stakeholders from other departments change as your company grows?
Ex) <10 employees you meet with CEO and Head of Product—how does this change when you're 100, 500, 1000 employees?
What tips or best practices do you have for convincing channel teams (or other teams) to fund your projects or initiatives, when PMM commonly doesn't have their own budget to spend.
What are the SaaS you think is doing product marketing exceptionally well globally and it's competitors and also please explain how is the one able to stay ahead than the rest?