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AMA: Grammarly Global Head of Product Marketing, Natala Menezes on Product Launches
September 21 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Launches With Natala Menezes, Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Top Questions
What is your process for developing buyer personas for a new product launch?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Start with talking to customers to understand how they buy and their decision-making process. If we are working on a quick-turn launch, qualitative research via focus groups is a quick way to get a framework in place and validate product-market fit. With longer timelines, quantitative research ca...more
What are the foundational steps to develop a repeatable and scalable launch discipline?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
1. Create a Leadership Team: - Typically composed of the PMM who will lead the launch, define messaging and positioning and rally the org plus the product manager who owns the product and then key stakeholders from PR, Analyst Relations, and GTM / Sales Readiness. 2. Set a timeline:...more
In your experience, what are some of the common product launch challenges or red flags that you see?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
* Not having clear entry/exit criteria to hit milestones ahead of launch → typically results in a launch delay. * Collaborating as a cross-functional team → Team has tension and low trust, slowing the process down and making it less fun! * Messaging that is generic → product won’t resona...more
What does the Go-to-Market process look like for a global product? Does it differ vs. more regional launches?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Yes -- primarily because enablement needs to be cognizant of local conditions and selling paths. For example, in a large enterprise company, you might have a dedicated specialist sales team in AMER but in the regions, you have sellers that sell the entire portfolio. Getting a share of mind in tha...more
how do you treat iterative releases different than launches?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Launches are exciting moments in time designed to raise awareness and have a big impact on delivering against a vision. They highlight news and shiny new products. Iterative releases are typically smaller-scale improvements and more oriented around product adoption and use. Often combining iterat...more
How would you set goals and marketing budget for the first product launch of a product-led growth, B2B SaaS company coming out of stealth when you were the first marketer? The company already has some paid customers from beta and good funding.
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
My primary goal with an early-stage launch is scaled traction. If you’ve already got customers, the objective should be to get to the next step function of growth. I.e. 10 obsessed customers would grow to 100 or X in revenue.  In terms of budget, the costs are more sweat equity to develop meanin...more
How do you get creative in your product launch, and not feel too templatized?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
This is going to sound ironic, but having a templatized launch process helps my team focus on creativity in messaging and execution. We use an agreed-upon Messaging & Positioning document framework and a standard launch deck. Then we think about what would be the wildest, craziest thing we could ...more
How do you think about the scope or deliverables for various launches? Do you have a tiering system? What factors do you consider?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
We absolutely tier our launches and we do it for 2 specific reasons: * Resources and investment need to match the outcomes we expect from a launch * Not every feature is news! In some cases, bundling features together will tell a more compelling and meaningful story and we are very consciou...more
What is the best partnership/process you have seen between product marketing and marketing when it comes to a product launch? We have these as two distinct teams in our organization and we're seeing some confusion when we do product launches. Any documentation or words of wisdom would be helpful.
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Teamwork makes the dream work! But with large launches and lots of people eager to make it work, it can be confusing. I find that centering that teamwork on an agreed to “Bill of Materials” -- the list of all marketing content that will be produced - helps drive alignment, timelines, and accounta...more
How would you recommend someone get into product marketing? I work with a lot of students in PR/Comm/Journalism, and want them to expand their thinking.
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
People with a background in writing tend to excel at PMM. The key additional quality is to be a puzzle solver. Are they also technically curious (they like to know how things work) and interested in changing marketings? Do they love to tell stories? So much of being a great PMM is about bringing ...more
How do you time a launch for the greatest impact?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Start by defining what you mean by impact: new user acquisition? Product adoption? Market awareness (pr coverage?). With a clear target and success metric, tailor activities to deliver on those goals. My experience has found that PR pops when combined with a customer event or activity (user conf...more
How do you roll out pricing and packaging for a new product launch?
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Pricing is both a science and art -- which means in many cases, it is hard to predict if you have hit the right price (high enough to capture maximum value but low enough that you can scale it to a broad customer base). Because of that, it can sometimes feel like pricing is based on the wind, but...more
How do you decide when a product launch has ended in order to determine the success of the 'launch'?
Product is being iterated all the time, so where exactly do you consider to be the end of a product launch period.
Global Head of Product Marketing at Grammarly
Define this at the beginning! I typically find that a 3-month lookback gives the most holistic view on a launch success. Within that time period there are a few key moments:  * Launch Day - what was delivered in terms of coverage, sign-ups, and customer excitement? * Launch Week - how did t...more
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