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AMA: Grammarly Global Head of Product Marketing, Natala Menezes
on Product Launches
September 21 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 1d 11h 19m 42s

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Top Questions
In your experience, what are some of the common product launch challenges or red flags that you see?
How do you time a launch for the greatest impact?
What are the foundational steps to develop a repeatable and scalable launch discipline?
How would you set goals and marketing budget for the first product launch of a product-led growth, B2B SaaS company coming out of stealth when you were the first marketer? The company already has some paid customers from beta and good funding.
How do you roll out pricing and packaging for a new product launch?
How do you manage major changes to repositioning or GTM strategy, that involve a variety of product/feature upgrades or releases? What are the most important factors for you in making this simple, yet effective and targeted for your GTM teams to deliver on? How do you decide on the right amount of detail to share in GTM materials?
What does the Go-to-Market process look like for a global product? Does it differ vs. more regional launches?
how do you treat iterative releases different than launches?
How do you decide when a product launch has ended in order to determine the success of the 'launch'?
Product is being iterated all the time, so where exactly do you consider to be the end of a product launch period.
What was the hardest product launch you've done in your product marketing career? Why?
How do you get creative in your product launch, and not feel too templatized?
After an initial product launch, how do you think about the subsequent, smaller launches/updates? How does the strategy/channels/process change? How do you identify where smaller launches can be bundled into a bigger story?
How do you think about the scope or deliverables for various launches? Do you have a tiering system? What factors do you consider?
What is the best partnership/process you have seen between product marketing and marketing when it comes to a product launch? We have these as two distinct teams in our organization and we're seeing some confusion when we do product launches. Any documentation or words of wisdom would be helpful.
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  • How to time a launch for greatest impact
  • How to measure your product launch results
  • What people get wrong about product launches