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AMA: Homebase Senior Director Product Marketing, Jennifer Kay
on Establishing Product Marketing
October 12 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Jennifer Kay, Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
Top Questions
How does product marketing differ between a small and large company?
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
Product marketing is different at every company, large or small. In my own experience, at every company the product marketing function tends be very fluid and flexible to the needs of the business or product as it develops, changes, and scales.  At smaller organizations, teams tend to run fairly...more
What is your 30-60-90 day plan when you go into an org with the intention of setting up PMM function for the first time?
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
Whether your a product marketer or just a new employee, the most important thing you can do is to ASK WHY + LISTEN. 0-30 days - Talk to everyone. Ask Why 5 times. Don't make any assumptions and ask lots of questions. Dive into your broad market and understand the competitve landscape. Form an ob...more
How do you increase the PMM function's ability to be a more strategic player in the company and not just the launch arm of the feature factory?
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
It takes time at any company to increase the visibility of a new department and or function. Building trust takes time and I believe you need to be adaptable and cognizant of the company culture you are in. I am a firm believer in building relationships cross-functionally and making deep investme...more
Knowing that marketing is always trying to quantify their metrics, how are you in Product Marketing quantifying the ROI of your work?
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
The question comes up a lot in product marketing. It is particularly challenging when you are in a product marketing role or on projects that lean heavy into influence or when your organization is stacked with channel owners. Simply put- there is no one metric that suits all product marketing.  ...more
What's your framework to prioritizing needs/deliverables when you're the first Product Marketer at a company establishing the function?
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
Every company and every growth stage is different so the evaluative framework you utilize needs some flexibility. I recommend that your framework is developed in tandem with your partner stakeholders early on and is communicated often. A reliable framework includes a clear organizing principal, i...more
How do you think about organizing your team (by vertical, persona, etc.)? How do you balance mapping to product versus GTM teams?
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
The short answer is this is highly dependent and should be greatly influenced by the product and the company that you are part of. This is the dilemma of all things product marketing, there is no one size fits all nor silver bullet answer. I've had equal success with pod models, where a product m...more
What are the biggest surprises when going from a company where product marketing was established to one where you have to establish product marketing?
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
I remain surprised by how many digital professionals or companies with outsized product footprints are still unfamiliar with the specialty of "product marketing." When your the first hire of this kind, I'd recommend being prepared to talk about the scope of product marketing and take the opportun...more