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AMA: HubSpot Director of Product Marketing, Sara Rosso
on Market Research
November 09 @ 9:00am PST
Starts in 15d 2h 24m 9s

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Top Questions
Question about developing personas. How have you historically sourced people to interview during development?
Especially if you don't have any customers that fit the bill my current plan is to assemble a list of possible titles and have my virtual assistant company prospect for and find contact details for them then probably send out a survey to validate if they're the right people to talk to and reach out individually to the ones that fit the bill
Could you share best practice tips for integrating market research into various stages of GTM, from business case justification through to launch readiness and post-launch adoption?
What's the best way to partner with product on market research to help with gathering insights and buy-in?
Can you share best practices to do impactful market research on a tight budget?
How do you recommend doing market research to break into a new market?
We haven't had a ton of conversations with prospects and the industry is new for a lot of folks at my company
What are your go-to tools for both for quantitative & qualitative market research as a product marketer?
What market research do you do to segment your market, understand each segment's needs, and inform the build/buy/partner strategy? And how do you share those insights?
I'm working at a company where we're trying to unlock new industries that we as a company need to have a better understanding of.
How do you manage internal pushback against data from your market research efforts? Ie other groups that want data to prove a point (product manager or engineer), but then don't trust the data you bring back?
What tools do you use to survey your customers and how do you extract qualitative vs quantitative insights from it?
Can you share your experience about segmentation and personas definition?
I'm so sure it is so important for good products being focus on an addecuate segmentation or undestand personas, but what do you consider are the steps or the best process for getting a good segmentation?
How do you conduct Marketing Research?
Walk us through the process you use to gain customers insights at Audible and in other organizations
How do you know you’re conducting thorough enough market research, in order to reduce the amount of unknown unknowns?
Before the product development stage, how do you present market and buyer insights to product? What documents does the PMM own at this stage?
Do you ever develop quantitative insights for testing messaging (e.g. via survey, other)?
What ways do you use your Voice of Customer insights / data internally?
How do you access customers for research when an internal stakeholder group is "protective" of their clients?