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AMA: Intercom Group Product Marketing Manager, Christine Sotelo-Dag on Sales Enablement
November 23 @ 10:00am PST

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Sales Enablement With Christine Sotelo-Dag, Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
Top Questions
How do you balance sales enablement needs that you KNOW will move the needle (persona training, objection response, pitch deck) vs sales enablement requests that are transactional (e.g. "one-sheet" on a feature or internal policy)
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
This is a great question. A sales enablement roadmap is very much like a product roadmap. There are many different inputs into what we prioritize over time, and how that gets decided - and although there will always be a push towards highest impact projects, the reality is those can often be labo...more
What tips do you have for creating effective sales demo scripts - ones that both convey the key info about your product while still being something sales will actually use?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
The best demo's i've seen in my experience we're not super scripted but rather were adapted to the buyer/prospects needs. In an ideal scenario the discover and first calls have helped set the stage well ahead of a rep jumping into a demo. This means a rep has the information required to start on ...more
What are the common mistakes you see product marketers making when they launch new sales enablement programs?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
The most common mistake I see is PMM / Sales enablement positioned as a reactive team that is creating content and collateral for sales without a clear understanding of what problem (within the sales cycle) it is solving for, and how it will be measured for impact.  This can lead to endless cont...more
Who do you think should own product documentation meant for users (i.e, help articles, knowledge base, how-to, FAQs, product videos etc.)?
Product Marketing Product Management Independent technical writing team Customer success / support
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
I've seen this handled differently across different organizations, and I'm not sure there is one single correct way. Currently, at Intercom, our Support organizatoin owns our help-articles, and our knowledge base and we have a Marketing team focused on customer education, that can bridge the supp...more
How do you tell the difference between (a) your messaging needs to be reworked vs. (b) your sales reps have poor delivery? And if the answer is (b), how do you decide whether the answer is to rework the messaging or rework the training/enablement?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
I often see marketing spending a lot of time understanding the customer - doing customer research, and interviews, but completely bypassing understanding sales and their interaction with customers.  Sitting in, and/or listening to recorded calls can really help inform - not only if your messagin...more
What are the most successful enablement practices you have conducted in your experience to help assist with small, medium, or large product launches?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
A few things we've evolved over the years as we've trained sales teams for launches. Rather than leaning on broad sales trainings that include the entire sales org, we've tried smaller trainings for specific regions or teams that are tailored specifically to what is most important to them.  We'...more
How does Sales Enablement change when you go from selling a product to selling a platform?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
In my experience the shift from Product selling to Platform selling has meant that we've had to update the buyer personas we sell too, or at least expand them. It has meant we're no longer selling to a single buyer, but rather a buying committee - so sales has to be equipped with knowing who the ...more
How do you incentivize your sales team to use product messaging in their interactions with clients?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
I think if messaging is done right, the incentive lies in buyer comprehension and ultimately more closed opportunites. Great messaging means understanding the buyer and their pain points and being able to speak to those pain points with the value propositions of your product. This type of value ...more
What are the most powerful, non-executive, relationships in sales departments a PMM can create?
When it comes to PMM core duties, typically who are the best partners in the sales org, who has the knowledge and the customer touch points to really help PMMs win?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
Where I've found the most valuable bi-lateral relationships within the Sales org (outside of sales leadership) has been with teams that have access to data that can help my team inform where we can lean in more to help sales. These are sales ops type teams that have an eye on the sales funnel, an...more
We have a lot of stakeholders involved during our launch process. Sales is the most important, yet the least involved pre-launch. How do we get them more involved to better the odds of our launch success?
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
Sales should absolutely have a seat at the table. It might take awhile to cultivate this relationship, and it will need to start at the foundational level (ie. not - please review this content we've created). Start setting up time to meet with different leaders and sales folks outside of launch p...more
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