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AMA: InVision Director of Product Marketing, Kacy Boone
on Self Serve Product Marketing
July 29 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Kacy Boone, Director of Product Marketing at InVision
Top Questions
Within a product led organization, product marketing may not have a seat at the table during the product roadmap development process. In this situation, how to make sure the voice of our consumer is heard.
Director of Product Marketing at InVision
I’ve consistently joined companies when the product marketing team was still small and establishing its influence and what I think it comes down to is providing unquestionable, unique value to the team—most often through delivering actionable customer insights. Product marketers are acutely aw...more
As a PMM charged with balancing both self-serve and enterprise customers of the same product, what are the nuances between the two?
Director of Product Marketing at InVision
Great question—thanks for asking! One thing to get out of the way first: Most products will have both users and buyers and those users and buyers can live across self-serve and enterprise. Users: Individuals that get value from your product (either actively or passively) but don’t have the ...more
How should product marketing split feature adoption KPIs with the product team (for B2B self-serve SaaS)
Director of Product Marketing at InVision
To the contrary, I always like to share and align on KPIs with the product team. Bonus points is you can also align that with key partners in other functions as well, like growth marketing. The more you can stay aligned from the top, the more naturally everything else will fall when it comes to p...more
When it comes to improving an onboarding experience how did you collect feedback from new users, and what questions did you ask?
I'm a product marketing who has been tasked with helping to improve the onboarding experience from a product marketing point of view (emails, comms, in app messages. I have a list of new users that haven't returned to the platform and I'd love some thoughts, feedback, and insights from previous experience.
Director of Product Marketing at InVision
Oh, I love this question! I’ve been tasked to overhaul many onboarding programs and customer insights are integral to my approach. I believe the best insights are validated through multiple sources so here are a few methods I’d recommend using to inform your strategy: 1. Customer Interviews: Ta...more
In most B2B settings PMMs spend a LOT of time enabling Sales. Where does all that time get repurposed in self-serve PMM? What are some of the big categories of work where you over-invest in self-serve vs. traditional B2B PMM?
Director of Product Marketing at InVision
Great question! I’ve sat in product marketing roles at both consumer/product-led companies and B2B companies so I’ve seen both. In a B2B setting, product marketing is making its impact on revenue and user growth by enabling Sales. Well, in a self-serve world, your end goal is the same but the ...more