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AMA: Medallia VP Product Marketing, Rajendran Nair on Sales Enablement
July 20 @ 10:00am PST

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Sales Enablement With Rajendran Nair, VP Product Marketing at Medallia
Top Questions
Our sales team is used to selling to SMB and mid-market. What sales enablement changes do we need to make as we shift focus to selling to enterprise?
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
I am assuming here that you have already created stories/collateral that will be required to sell into the enterprise. FWIW, here is a framework I use to develop stories -, but happy to drill down with ...more
How do you prioritize sales enablement needs across different product lines?
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
I am not sure I understand this question but let me try. It starts with the corporate objective - what is the revenue goal for each product. Sales Enablement will need to focus on the product by priority. You also need to consider the lifestage of the product. For example, a new product may ne...more
Where would you start if Sales Enablement was new for a company?
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
There are three key elements you need to consider: * Your story and the constituent “story-lets” * Your internal audience - sales being the most important, but you need to address the needs of other customer-facing professionals (customer success, support, professional services, etc.) *...more
What's your best practice for making sure competitive, personas, and market research info is always up-to-date, moving from product marketing to sales materials?
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
This really depends on your product and industry. Let me outline a framework with four elements: * The customer perspective * The competitor perspective * The technology perspective, and * The marketplace perspective Take a look at
I'm new to Sales Enablement and I'm curious how heavy-handed my approach should be. How much input does Sales expect from me, and what are some things that the sales team should be doing on their own?
(For instance: pitch decks, collateral, competitor research, FAQs, etc.)
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
When I am starting up a Sales Enablement practice (or it is a new product/market or even a new sales team), I prefer an intense, heavy handed approach, because that helps me develop and fine tune my stories and the assets I use to convey/manifest my stories. Over time, sales will have a bigger ro...more
What type of content do you recommend a rep shares after that rep has a 30 minute discovery call to keep a conversation moving?
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
To be clear, this answer is about assets that a rep should share after the initial discovery call but prior to the deeper dive (mostly demo) call. At a bare minimum, the rep should share a summary of the call, enumerating * the key value proposition of your product (pre-canned) * questions ...more
Which KPIs do you typically use to track sales enablement success?
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
The most common KPI is the win rate. However, I dont think this is an accurate measure of your work as the eventual win depends a lot on other factors, starting with the salesperson running the cycle. I prefer to track the number of sales cycles that go past the initial demo stage because it m...more
I'm putting in my Product Marketing and Sales Enablement budget for next year. What line items should I consider?
I already have things like Customer Visits, a Sales Enablement / Content Management tool, SKO, pricing model consulting. What am I missing?
VP Product Marketing at Medallia
This is a good list to start with. I will add a couple: * Analyst/3rd party thought leadership pieces: Having independent, 3rd party content is very helpful. If you are focused on the Enterprise, having content from top tier analysts is helpful. I have worked with Gartner, Forrester, The ...more