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AMA: Okta Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity, Jiong Liu
on Messaging
August 03 @ 10:00am PST

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Messaging With Jiong Liu, Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
Top Questions
What are the top 3 things you watch out for when you create your content / messaging plan?
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
The 3 most critical components of messaging IMO are target audience, hard-hitting & differentiated value props and customer/field validation. 1. Target audience - I can't understate the importance of understanding your target audience. This includes getting deep into who is your economic bu...more
Do you have a messaging template/worksheet/framework that you like to use? Always on the lookout for the best ways to really drive messaging home to internal stakeholders
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
I find most messaging frameworks will get the job done here. It's more important to have consistency in using whatever template/framework you ultimately select. This allows your internal stakeholders to really focus on the meat instead of template. This is also very important for our marketing te...more
How do you and at what stages do you test your messaging?
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
I am constantly testing messaging. Any customer meeting, event or executive briefing I attend, I'm testing messaging in some way, even if it's not messaging that I'm actively working on. The most critical part of this process is to ensure you're leaving space for feedback and reactions or explici...more
How much bearing does your competition have on your messaging? How do you tackle/counter theirs?
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
Competition is critical and should always be a factor in your positioning and messaging for B2B. At Okta, it is a core part of our brand identity and position to be best-of-breed, vendor-neutral. This is how we plan to win the market and is also a core competitive message. When we look at all of ...more
How do you showcase or describe to interviewers your work in messaging and positioning, without actually showing documented work?
Also, how to actually show its success, as this is something that may take awhile before seeing a growth trend and can you directly actually attribute a particular success metric on messaging?
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
There is a process to messaging and I think many folks are overly focused on the last step which is the final translation to words. I actually think this piece is the simplest of all the steps so I don't spend a lot of time looking at documented work when I interview product marketers. What's rea...more
How do you differentiate your own products from one another but still show that they complete each other/are complementary?
If a company has many product offerings, what's the best way not to overwhelm customers, and at the same time, give each product manager the "spotlight" they're asking for?
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
One method for doing this is to understand buying patterns, natural bundling that may be occurring and determining what initiatives/projects your customers are undertaking when they purchase your products. For example, customers that are purchasing Okta's Customer Identity products are generally ...more
Who is the biggest critique of your messaging (customer success, sales, product) and how do you ensure you bowl them over and get them on side?
Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta
Sales is definitely the biggest critic of messaging at Okta. Getting them involved early and often and treating them as a true partner in the process is fundamental. There are 3 things that I always do when it comes to messaging: 1. Partner with the best sellers of your product area. They are e...more
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  • Positioning products in new or emerging markets
  • How to do user/buyer research to uncover effective messages