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AMA: Pendo Director of Product Marketing, Marcus Andrews on PMM Hard and Soft Skills
December 15 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 14d 17h 48m 25s

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Top Questions
When joining a new team, is it better to have the right soft skills and have to learn the hard skills of the job? Or vice versa?
What are the top 3 most technical skills a PMM needs to have? How do you hone these skills and talk about them during interviews?
If starting as more of a generalist PMM - what reserouces do you rely on to broaden your technical "toolkit"?
A bit of intuition based on experience - vs “hard”, trainable skill - is part of ANY job really. But do you think product marketers need to rely on it a bit (or much) more than other roles in a software company?
There is often a huge emphasis on analytical skills, instead of brand marketing skills, when it comes to product marketing job descriptions. What role does brand marketing play in product marketing?
What are mistakes product marketers make when trying to influence the roadmap that end up damaging their relationship with product managers?
What are the most important soft skills to have as a product marketing professional?