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AMA: FiveStars Former Product Marketing Manager, Ross Overline
on Product Marketing
August 15 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Ross Overline, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Fivestars
Top Questions
Where should product marketing report into? Product management or marketing?
Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Fivestars
While there are benefits to both, judging from my experience, I believe PMM reporting into Marketing is more effective. * Reporting into makreting creates stronger ties between PMM and the revenue organziation (marketing, sales, operations, etc.) and can therefore lead to more buy-in from...more
How do I influence the roadmap of our product, when my product team isn't very open to it?
I spend a lot of time with customers and prospects, and constantly hear feedback on our product. But my product management team doesn't seem to value this feedback.
Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Fivestars
There are a few questions here: How do I influence the team, how do I influence the roadmap, and how do I get them to listen to the feedback I'm bringing from customers.   First, seek to understand. Approach your product team and roadmap decision makers with the intent to understand their value...more
What metrics do you use to justify a pay raise?
I’m the only product marketer in our company and I’m definitely overworked.
Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Fivestars
Asking for a raise is tricky. Ultimately, you need to be driving value, right? That can be broken down quantitatively, but also qualitatively.   Quant: What impact are you having on funnels? Run A/B tests to prove that your strategies are driving impact. How have NPS and sentiment changed?   ...more
What are your go-to tools? trying to carve out a must-have list for pmm's... i use google drive, surveymonkey, xtensio, asana, salesforce and kissmetrics most, but curious what others use. Thx!
Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Fivestars
Not trying to deflect this, but this depends on your role, organization size, team structure, budget, target customer, and goals. That list sounds solid to me if you're a midsize company with some startup bend still. Some other tools to consider: * Leadpages or Unbounce are solid tools for buil...more