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AMA: Qualia Director of Marketing, Priyanka Srinivasan
on Messaging
August 24 @ 10:00am PST

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Messaging With Priyanka Srinivasan, Director of Marketing at Qualia
Top Questions
How do you drive alignment across the exec team on messaging
Director of Marketing at Qualia
At the end of the day, Product Marketing owns messaging, and there should be general alignment around that. I think that's a really important place to start because literally everyone has an opinion or point of view on messaging, but someone ultimately gets to 'own' it. If in your organization, t...more
What are some strategies that you've used to share messaging guides internally and ensure commercial team alignment?
Director of Marketing at Qualia
In my view, the whole point of messaging guides is that they are shared as widely and as openly in your organization as possible. We actually keep a "launch tracker" document (google sheets file) that has the latest on every launch we're planning. This document is publicly available and very wide...more
We often talk about product messaging in the context of a new product launch. Can you share your perspective and best practices for repositioning a mature, market-leading product?
Director of Marketing at Qualia
I really like this question because it's not every day that you're launching a new product. Oftentimes you're making incremental improvements to a product (for example, with several features that add up to something pretty significant). Regardless, you should be frequently revisiting the products...more
How do you differentiate your own products from one another but still show that they complete each other/are complementary?
If a company has many product offerings, what's the best way not to overwhelm customers, and at the same time, give each product manager the "spotlight" they're asking for?
Director of Marketing at Qualia
This is a great question. I'd say this becomes even more complex / challenging if you have not only mulitple products, but also multiple audiences, which we do.  One way to think about this is in the context of your website, which is one of the key ways you display all of your products and offer...more
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  • Creating messaging for multiple audiences
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