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AMA: RingCentral AVP of Product Marketing, Esther Yoon on Product Launches
October 19 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Launches With Esther Yoon, AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
Top Questions
how do you treat iterative releases different than launches?
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
For iterative releases, I spend the most time around developing and optimizing the operational rhythm. It's about effectively managing velocity and continuously refining workflows. For launches, I spend most of my time on the positioning, messaging, and hero assets to make sure it's steering the...more
How do you tier your launches, and what KPI's do you assign to each tier?
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
I'm going to break this out into two questions: How do you tier launches? Launches are tiered based on business impact (yes, I know, very "captain obvious.") My whole point here is that I make a judgment call based on data, company goals, competitive landscape, market opportunity.  For example,...more
What was the hardest product launch you've done in your product marketing career? Why?
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
Hands-down, Zoom Hardware as a Service. The messaging and positioning were quite simple, definitely the easiest part... the hard part was steering a purely SaaS company to launch hardware solutions in just over a quarter. I come from a hardware background, so it wasn't necessarily attributed to l...more
What are the top 3 priorities for a successful product launch, that hold true for all types of products?
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
I only have one that I can think of that holds true for all types of products: Write a mock PR to have a clear understanding of the message you (and your team) want to land. Ah-ha moment: Your mock PR can be over the top! Do a kick-off and readout your PR with superlatives galore. Shoot for th...more
In your eyes, what's product marketing's role in the launch? What's key to ensure it's smooth?
What are the key deliverables PMM provides? What gets handed off to other teams to run with and create?
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
Every company has a different PMM philosophy so it's really important to dig deep into this whenever you're interviewing.  On my team, where I run core product marketing for RingCentral's flagship, I view product marketing's role as the nucleus for messaging strategy. Here are the 4 areas of whe...more
How do you identify and prioritize the channels for a launch campaign?
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
Audience. Know your audience. It's cliche. I'm still going to say it again - KNOW your audience. What/who influences them? Where do they get their information? What does the buying journey look like?  Prioritization comes down to your goals and any testing you've already done. This is more of an...more
What drives the decision to have product change communications on a monthly cadence vs when the changes go live? Or a hybrid? e.g. "January roundup" vs "Faster search is here 🎉"
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
I like to have the flexibility to do both. But, if you see it as this or that, the latter ("Faster search is here") is designed to be a delightful surprise, the former (monthly cadence) is more of a type of predictable FYI. These decisions should be driven by lots of different aspects such as you...more
Shameless plug question. What roles are open on your team?
AVP of Product Marketing at RingCentral
Adding this question to highlight open roles on my team. Sr Product Marketing Manager, Analytics Sr Product Marketing Manager, App Experience More to come in 2022 as well. If you're interested, reach out to me on LinkedIn and lets chat. My promise: - I'l...more
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