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AMA: Salesforce Former Vice President, Global Enablement, Roopal Shah on Sales Enablement
May 19 @ 10:00am PST

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Sales Enablement With Roopal Shah, Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
Top Questions
How do you balance sales enablement needs that you KNOW will move the needle (persona training, objection response, pitch deck) vs sales enablement requests that are transactional (e.g. "one-sheet" on a feature or internal policy)
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
Balance is always tricky. At the end of the day, it's about getting others to understand why you think this is important versus over the stuff and also understanding that bandwidth - whether it's yours as the content creator or the seller's as the content consumer - is finite, so prioritization i...more
If you were implementing a B2B Marketing and Sales Enablement program, what are the first 5 assets you would create?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
Good question - to have to pick is tough but if I must, here are the main things I think every sales rep needs in their bag to be successful:  (1) First Call Deck / Pitch Deck  (2) Competitive Battlecard(s) (including how to place traps / how to arm against competitor's traps - shields/swords...more
What are your biggest challenges in enabling global sales teams, and how do you overcome them?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
My biggest challenge is working with all the other groups vying for seller attention and helping them approach it with empathy and working for the greater good, versus what they think is best. But the responsibility here isn't all on them - enablement has a responsibilty to also present the full ...more
Is there a framework for creating good sales enablement decks for new B2B products or training new sales rep on your product?
Eg: How do you structure it? I can imagine some standard sections such as Competition, Market Problem but are there standard "must haves" section that have worked well.
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
I'm a big fan of Nancy Duarte's work and her book Resonate. It speaks a lot to what a good narrative should be for any presentation.   With that said, Enablement is a lot about teaching - so how you present to a customer is not necessarily how you present to a seller. For sellers, I put my tea...more
What's your best practice for making sure competitive, personas, and market research info is always up-to-date, moving from product marketing to sales materials?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
Your CMS (content management system) should have some sort of archiving parameters in place that should remind the PMM team when things get stale. With that said, all the reminders in the world won't matter if people ignore them, so I recommend you also have a "librarian" of sorts manage your c...more
How does Sales Enablement change when you go from selling a product to selling a platform?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
It depends on where you are in the growth journey. If this is a strategy change - in terms of no longer selling a product to selling a platform, it's more about messaging & the art of the possible with a platform.   If you're further in the growth journey and have a complex product portfolio, ...more
Our sales team is used to selling to SMB and mid-market. What sales enablement changes do we need to make as we shift focus to selling to enterprise?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
While there are some common themes regardless fo the segment, there are some unique things down market: - Volume is much higher - reps have a 1000s of accounts versus handfuls so productivity is harder - Value selling is different - most buyers in those segments, especially SMB, won't have time...more
Our lower priced offerings seem to be the biggest competitors of our enterprise packages. What sales enablement activities and content help your sales reps sell your high priced packages?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
Value selling is a really tool you can have in your arsenal. I would do a few things here if you're focused on having them shift to higher selling things. (1) Articulate Value - what is the customer getting for paying more? What are the benefits they would gain with this?   (2) Teach them to ...more
For a product marketer who only spends a portion of their time working on sales enablement with little face-to-face time with sales, what's the best way to get buy in from a large sales team?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
Work with your enablement team! And like with a lot of things these days, you're competiting for their attention - why should they listen to you? What's in it for them as sellers? What do they get if they listen to you on this topic?  Also, work with sales leadership and have some street cred ...more
How do you develop a sales enablement roadmap?
Head (VP) of Global Enablement at Benchling
I love Agile practices for teams have always followed a process of Intake prioritization, and constant backlog grooming to feed a roadmap. A roadmap typically is a combination of the absolute must haves (e.g. events like SKO or infratsructure projects like getting an LMS in place or ...more