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AMA: Intercom Former Sr Director of Marketing, Matt Hodges
on Messaging
October 31 @ 11:30am PST

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Messaging With Matt Hodges, Founder at 021 Consulting
Top Questions
Any suggestions on how to build and validate market driven messaging, versus the easier and more prevalent product/feature centric messaging?
In the tech industry, so many product marketing teams default to very product driven/feature centric messaging in the name of appeasing a technical audience. Market driven messaging often becomes too watered down for technical audiences.
Founder at 021 Consulting
For guidance on how to build messaging, see my answer to, What are good messaging framework resources that you use?. In terms of how to validate it, I’d recommend a combination of the following tactics:   * Talk to your customers: Invest time talking to and learning from your prospective an...more
Any examples of best in class feature launch emails you have seen?
Founder at 021 Consulting
I can’t think of any one example I have received recently, but here’s my advice on what I think makes a good feature launch email:   * It’s thoughtfully targeted and relevant: A poorly targeted email is about as effective as a love letter addressed “To whom it may concern” (credit: Des T...more
What are some of your favorite companies that have amazing comms across the board?
Founder at 021 Consulting
I'm out of time, but real quick, Patagonia and Apple are favorites of mine. They both have brands that stand for something, and they continually demonstrate their commitment to their vision in their actions. On top of that, they both have high-quality products.   I  believe that product and mar...more
How do you keep competitors from copying your product messaging so that your value prop stays differentiated?
Founder at 021 Consulting
What's the saying, "imitation is the best form of flattery"? It's impossible to prevent competitors from copying your messaging (and product to some extent even).   Instead of worrying about those that are copying you, I'd instead encourage you to focus on building the best product to best solv...more
What are your thoughts on how to distinguish between what is a product, feature, and solution?
Founder at 021 Consulting
Great question–tough to answer without getting too specific about Intercom and what works for us based on our own situation and approach in general. But, here goes. :)   For us, a product is a container for a set of mutually exclusive features that enable specific workflows to be completed. For...more
How do you develop messaging that actually grabs attention in a crowded market?
We're in the sales development space and it's hyper competitive. It's hard to create messaging that cuts through the noise of all of our other competitors.
Founder at 021 Consulting
Tell a compelling story. A story that resonates with your target audience. Something that speaks directly to the pain they are experiencing and/or describes a future state they want to be in.   You should aim for the right balance of cleverness, clarity, and cheekiness. That balance all depends...more
What are good messaging framework resources that you use?
Founder at 021 Consulting
We’ve developed a few of our own frameworks over the years based on jobs-to-be-done. It’s an approach that runs counterintuitive to classic, persona-based marketing, and does so purposefully. Focusing on customer attributes really means focusing on what you want to sell, rather than what your cus...more
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  • How to market jobs to be done
  • How to do user/buyer research to uncover effective messages
  • How to differentiate messaging from competitors