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AMA: Sentry Director of Product Marketing, Rahul Chhabria on Growth Product Marketing
October 06 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Rahul Chhabria, Director of Product Marketing at Sentry
Top Questions
What is product marketing's role in a product-led growth company?
Director of Product Marketing at Sentry
I try to think of our role as Contextual Educators. We’re responsible for providing the best first impression through content and being able to communicate the value of our product well enough to encourage someone to sign up or start a trial. That means testing messaging at scale across multiple ...more
If you have to improve the adoption rate of a SaaS product, where would you start? Like what are the first things you would check/do?
Director of Product Marketing at Sentry
* Partner with digital marketing to understand the source that drove the user to your property, the actions they took before converting, and the page they converted on (or where they dropped off). * Map out the customer journey from when landing on the website to sign up to active/conv...more
As a product marketer, what tactics do you use to impact product roadmap?
Director of Product Marketing at Sentry
It’s all about making sure the PMM and PM team have shared goals. And in the event an interesting opportunity arises, you can build a business case that supports accelerating achieving your shared goals. In my case, PM and PMM are aligned on revenue and adoption goals. For example, when I first ...more
How do you drive alignment across the exec team on messaging
Director of Product Marketing at Sentry
Here's my process, I * Conduct customer and prospect research (exec team will be more likely to be bought in with data - especially from your key personas and customers)  * Consolidate findings and prepare a messaging brief using the framework we landed on.   * Present those findings to...more
Our product team has a difficult time sticking to timelines. This makes launches pretty difficult to manage without creating large lapses in communication. Any strategies to manage this?
Director of Product Marketing at Sentry
This is pretty common. In my previous life as a PM and now as a PMM, I don’t try to manage the product team and the schedule. I try to get ahead of these challenges by announcing new capabilities while they’re in development and positioning it as “coming soon”, then continuing the drumbeat all th...more