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AMA: Sprout Social Former Director of Product Marketing, Patrick Cuttica on Scaling a Product Marketing Team
October 15 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Patrick Cuttica, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
Top Questions
What has worked well (or has not worked) as far as positioning your product marketing team within a larger marketing org? What are some of the challenges you've faced collaborating with other teams and how have you overcome them?
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
This is a great question. A fair amount has been written about where Product Marketing should exist within the broader company structure—just Google "where should Product Marketing report" and you'll find a bunch of articles on the topic. During my time at Sprout Social, we spent more than 3 year...more
When thinking about adding new talent to your team - how do you structure focus areas? Customer lifecycle stage? Persona? Areas of the product? Functional expertise?
We only have one product at HoneyBook but PMM does a lot of different things, ie, lifecycle marketing, research, competitive, feature launches, etc.
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
This will vary from company to company depending on what industry you’re in, the make-up of your product portfolio, what your go-to-market and sales strategy looks like (are you strictly enterprise-focused or SMB-focused? Do you sell across all segments? etc.), the overall stage of the company, a...more
How do you retain good talent, especially when PMM role are in such high demand across the industry
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
Retaining good talent for high demand roles in a competitive market is, obviously, tough. But I think it's also easy to overthink it. Not to oversimplify, but two things I always try to keep in mind are: * Continuously providing new opportunities: It's easy to get stuck in a rut if you feel ...more
How do you create and reenforce a culture for you product marketing team as you scale it? And what does yours look like?
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
I don’t know that this is really any different than creating and reenforcing a culture for any team, really. I think a great place to look for inspiration is your company's overall value system and culture.  For example, at Sprout Social, a few of our core values [
Question about org structures - what does your product marketing team org structure look like?
Do you simply have Product Marketers by product/portfolio? Do you have a release communications manager? Someone in sales enablement? What other roles exist in your product marketing teams today?
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
I'm running out of time! See the answer above to the question "I wanna make the case to hire some more product marketers - we're a team of 2 for a company of 400. Whats the ratio where you are? Have you seen any external data on this?" -- I think I mostly covered this in that answer.  In short...more
We are growing our product marketing team, and I'm wondering how to structure the roles and work for a team of three.
i want to know who i need to hire to start my product marketing team. We are starting with product insights, product launches and sales enablement
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
This depends heavily on the make-up of your company and your product portfolio. Early on, I thought of our team as product marketing generalists. Each PMM covered a wide range of responsibilites tied to the commercialization of our product straetgy including: core product positioning, product lau...more
How do product marketing key stakeholders from other departments change as your company grows?
Ex) <10 employees you meet with CEO and Head of Product—how does this change when you're 100, 500, 1000 employees?
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Square
This is an awesome question and one that I've thought a ton about as we've scaled. I touched on this a bit in another answer (“When thinking about adding new talent to your team - how do you structure focus areas?”) but will reiterate and expand here. As our company has scaled, I don’t think i...more