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AMA: Twilio Former Sr Product Marketing Manager, Derek Frome on Messaging
September 05 @ 10:00am PST

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Messaging With Derek Frome, Vice President Marketing at
Top Questions
What are your thoughts on how to distinguish between what is a product, feature, and solution?
Vice President Marketing at
To me, a solution is a prescriptive collection of products and features that solve a well-defined problem for your customer. A product is anything you could conceivably sell on its own, but a product can also be a collection of other products. A feature is a component piece of a product that adds...more
How do you develop messaging that actually grabs attention in a crowded market?
We're in the sales development space and it's hyper competitive. It's hard to create messaging that cuts through the noise of all of our other competitors.
Vice President Marketing at
I'm going to take a somewhat contrarian view on this and say that in order to really break through in a crowded market, it takes more than clever messaging (though that never hurts). You have to position your product correctly and you have to prove that you are better. Now would be the time to in...more
Everyone in our company has an opinion about messaging. How do you defend the messaging that you’ve created?
Vice President Marketing at
I'll take a more extreme position on this question. You're setting yourself up for failure by asking us how to "defend" your messaging. Instead, I'd ask you to listen to those people who you are used to "defending" your messaging from. It's not your messaging - give up that pride of ownership in ...more
Does anyone have a methodology for validating messaging with users before a campaign goes live? I'm thinking of marketing campaigns here, not product or UX.
Vice President Marketing at
Painted door tests are your friend here (google it). You could create two or three landing pages with different message variants, each of which leads to a "request access" form. Depending on what your campaign is for, your message testing could be as simple as running it by product managers or ac...more
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  • Positioning products in new or emerging markets
  • Creating messaging for multiple audiences
  • How to do user/buyer research to uncover effective messages
  • How to position high-growth products
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