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AMA: Momentive Vice President, Product Marketing, Priya Gill on Messaging
December 08 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 7d 17h 3m 7s

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Top Questions
How much effort is it to market products that create new categories? As in time and touches vs. existing products.
Or in other words, what is the education/definition effort vs. competitive differentiation effort in a known category
What is your approach to testing different messaging and your criteria for success?
What are different messaging processes that you do? And which ones work best to help team/stakeholders come to consensus faster?
A/B testing and spending on messaging research are ways that we can test out messaging, but if we don't have budget to do that, are there other ways to qualify it besides having team members or some stakeholders provide input and attempt to wordsmith until concensus is reached?
What's the best way to ensure that messaging evolves at the pace of the company while still maintaining some consistency? Should I give up any hope of running a campaign that lives more than a few weeks?
What indicators should we look out for to know to hit pause to test messaging? (many launches go to quickly to test messaging before it hits market)
We often talk about product messaging in the context of a new product launch. Can you share your perspective and best practices for repositioning a mature, market-leading product?
How do you balance succinct simple messaging with a complex technology product and or set of products.