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AMA: Twilio Head of Marketing, IoT, Pallavi Vanacharla
on Product Marketing Org and KPI's
May 27 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Pallavi Vanacharla, Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Top Questions
What's the most reliable way to measure performance of intangible sales enablement (such as training, objection handling, trap setting)?
For instance, it's easy to jerry-rig performance to a one-sheeter that was sent in the course of a deal, but I'm having trouble finding ways to measure performance for intangible efforts that improve sales performance but isn't easily attributable to revenue.
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Not everything we do is measurable and this is especially true for PMMs.  Unless there is a compelling reason to measure every aspect of sales enablement, I would not suggest you do so.   But if you must, then for most things, a simple survey to the sales org is best. Ask them how useful a ...more
What are good OKRs for product marketing
I would like to know what metrics are used to measure PMM and what does good look like
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
The short answer is it depends. Let me explain...  A product marketer, in my opinion, is like the CEO of a product. And just like a CEO, has to do whatever it takes to make the company (in this case product) successful. Hence, she/he should be measured on what is relevant and what matters in t...more
How do you make the jump from senior manager to director level in product marketing?
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Promotions! A topic that's on everyone's mind. 😄 If you are just interested in the title, you can move to a smaller company and get the title today. Nothing wrong with it, go for it! And in fact, it may help you gain more experience/skills as well. If you are interested in moving up the ladder ...more
What's your best product marketing 30-60-90 day plan to make a big impact at a new company?
I'm starting a new job next week! Would love to hear your top tips in general as well as at the director level.
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Here is what has worked for me in the past. This pace below is relevant for smaller teams/orgs. You can pace this out for larger teams/orgs as needed. 30 DAYS Goal: Establish credibility and define your goal and priorities Key tasks: * Build relationships with key stakeholders and understand...more
How do you retain good talent, especially when PMM role are in such high demand across the industry
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Let me ask you a question: What are the top 3 reasons people join, stay or leave companies? Answer... 1. Company (culture, potential, growth) 2. Job (fit, growth potential and salary) 3. Manager (leadership qualities, chemistry, trust, etc.) The first is mostly not in your control. You are ...more
How do you create and reenforce a culture for you product marketing team as you scale it? And what does yours look like?
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Love it! Excellent question. I always hire the best, so the usual cultural suspects such as passion, drive, skills, talent are a given. Beyond those, below is the team culture I like to create, which frankly are applicable to any function. But, at the end, I will provide some cultural traits tha...more
How do you coordinate and work cross functionally with the product team to create commonly shared KPIs? Any advice on KPIs tied to product launches?
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Good question. I am sure you have heard this statement many times - “PM and PMMs are like two sides of the same coin”. It’s absolutely true, and work wise I see the roles to have a Venn diagram. There are things each team leads and drives by themselves and then there are overlap areas. The over...more
What's the biggest challenge you've ever faced as a product marketing leader and how did you overcome it?
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
Let me answer a slightly different question, the one that does not get asked often - what are the biggest mistakes you have made and what did you learn from them? I have seen many successes in my career, but they were made stronger from the lessons I learnt (from my mistakes). Here are 3 mistake...more