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AMA: Uber Eats Former Global Head of Product Marketing, Mike Polner
on Consumer Product Marketing
December 12 @ 10:00am PST

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Product Marketing With Mike Polner, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
Top Questions
How is the PMM team structured there by product line, segment, function or by objective (ie. revenue retention, product engagement, etc)?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
Great question! I think about this one a lot...First off, it’s important to callout that there is no perfect org structure :)  In general, you have to identify what you’re optimizing towards and what structure will give you the highest chance to get there. For Eats PMM, we’ve always kept a fai...more
How is your PMM team structured? Are some PMMs focused on B2B and others on B2C or the same product line or does one PMM work on both?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
Highlighted this one in another question, so will point you there, but overall, yes - we break PMM responsibilities down by audience. Some PMMs will work only on Consumer and some only on Restaurant for example. In a three-sided marketplace, there is naturally a ton of organic collaboration acros...more
What are you favorite resources to find product marketing *workflows* and best practices & case studies regarding them?
For instance, I like Kapost's, Drift's, and Intercom's handbooks.
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
I think the two you mention are solid. Thinking outside of just PMM workflows, in general PMMs need to be extremely tight with the customer and have really strong business and market context so I try to read a lot of industry (AdAge, Skift Table for Restaurants), and general business publications...more
Given that PMM role definitions and skills vary so much by company, how do you develop a transferrable career path if you end up switching firms along the way?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
In my career path I've looked for a few things and created a few career principles... 1. Finding growth industries that will be more important in the next 3 - 5 years given where I see trends moving...For example, I was in AdTech in 2010 when mobile and display advertising was just starting to t...more
What do you look for in the backgrounds of aspiring consumer product marketers (who have never held the role before) as a signal that they will be a good hire?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
In general, I don't really think "background" is that important. To me, background does not = skills. I hire for signal on skill and not for whether or not somebody has done something before.  We have some absolutely incredible PMMs on Eats and almost all of them came from a background that wa...more
What trends and shifts is consumer product marketing experiencing?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
I think there has been a massive shift in just the awareness and momentum around Consumer Product Marketing overall. When I joined Eats 3 years ago as the first Consumer PMM, everybody was asking what this role was and how we were different than Brand Marketing or Performance Marketing. Not only ...more
What tips or best practices do you have for convincing channel teams (or other teams) to fund your projects or initiatives, when PMM commonly doesn't have their own budget to spend.
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
Budget is earned, not given.  Align to a top-level business goal or objective that's critical, start small with an experiment, measure it, and prove your value. Make it a no-brainer where if the initiative isn't funded somebody will be coming to the team saying - look at how much impact we're ...more
What has worked well (or has not worked) as far as positioning your product marketing team within a larger marketing org? What are some of the challenges you've faced collaborating with other teams and how have you overcome them?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
Love this question and something I had to do a ton when I first got to Eats and everybody was like - hold on, what is Product Marketing?  I talk a lot about internal marketing and say you have to Product Market, Product Marketing...This starts with a very clear and differentiated articulation ...more
How do you break down responsibilities and KPI's for product launches between demand gen and product marketing?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
Great question. I would first caveat that this is something we're always working on, so if you haven't figured it out yet, don't worry, goal setting, responsibilities, and KPIs are always a work in progress! I think it's rare that in larger organizations and with significant cross-functional w...more
What courses or other education should one pursue when changing from Growth Marketing in the tech industry to Product Marketing for either a tech or non-tech B2C company?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
I think Growth Marketing in tech is actually super applicable to Product Marketing on the consumer side. Most of the PMMs I've hired have actually come from growth / performance marketing backgrounds. I don't have any clear recommendations on courses or education apart from just taking on hard pr...more
Do you recommend developing deep focus in B2B or B2C PMM work? Are skills transferable? When you look for a candidate do you look for B2B or B2C experience specifically?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
I touched on this a bit above - I started my career in B2B and learned really valuable lessons before moving more deeply into B2C.  I think Marketing is evolving so quickly that you can learn extremely valuable skills in either the B2B or the B2C world that are applicable across both, so would...more
As a b2b product marketer, what's the best way to move into b2c / consumer?
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
This is a great question. I would zoom out and think more holistically about how to approach career advice and what I tell people looking to get into Product Marketing overall.  I usually approach significant career transitions or moves in two-steps. Sometimes, people see the next job and say ...more