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AMA: Upwork Former Head of Product Marketing, Anjali Cameron
on Go-to-Market Messaging
May 07 @ 10:00am PST

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Messaging With Anjali T. Cameron, Head of Product Marketing at Landed
Top Questions
How do you ensure your entire sales team gets the messaging?
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
This continues to be an evolving process but we leverage a few things: 1. Lead time - sharing the info early so the sales team can disseminate it via the right channels with enough notice (for example, some teams meet just once a week so if you miss that cycle, they may not see it until...more
Do you have a messaging template/worksheet/framework that you like to use? Always on the lookout for the best ways to really drive messaging home to internal stakeholders
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
At Upwork we use a feature messaging brief (or initiative messaging for big projects) to communicate everything from the big picture to the fine details to internal stakeholders. The brief typically contains these sections: Feature description (usually includes screenshots), Target audience, Rele...more
What indicators should we look out for to know to hit pause to test messaging? (many launches go to quickly to test messaging before it hits market)
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
Agreed that often in the race to get a product to market, teams will put their best messaging idea forth, run it out for a quick test and then launch. I think there are a few ways to check that you’re on the right path or if pausing is required. 1. Internal comprehension - at least in the case ...more
How do you do the first-hand research (what's your process) for developing messaging around broader buyer trends instead of buzz words with a short shelf life?
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
For broader buyer trends, I’ve found focus groups with prospects to be effective. It’s a way to get in the heads of prospective buyers and see what’s on their mind. You can get their reaction to several high-level messaging angles and through moderated conversation, you can uncover larger trends ...more
What's the best way to segment your customers to write messaging that resonates with them?
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
Be clear on your target and start there. If you’re a marketplace, force primary and secondary segments. And if you’ve got multiple business lines and segments with unique pain points, align on a clear hierarchy and where in your funnel you can speak to different audiences. I’d say the fewer segme...more
How do you keep competitors from copying your product messaging so that your value prop stays differentiated?
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
I’d focus mainly on all the things you can do to stand out: 1. Make your visual layout, pricing and customer experience unique to further differentiate your offering from competitors. The messaging is the wrapper for all of this but these pieces can really help you speak to your unique ...more
How do you adjust messaging when scaling upmarket without alienating an existing SMB customer base?
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
Great question and not an easy one. There’s a difference between saying, “let’s shift messaging to go upmarket but retain and continue to build for our core SMB base” versus “let’s shift messaging and resources to go all in on upmarket, even if that means neglecting SMB.” If it’s the former, it’...more
Any suggestions on how to build and validate market driven messaging, versus the easier and more prevalent product/feature centric messaging?
In the tech industry, so many product marketing teams default to very product driven/feature centric messaging in the name of appeasing a technical audience. Market driven messaging often becomes too watered down for technical audiences.
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
Similar to the question above on uncovering buyer trends, I’d suggest starting broad and then going narrow to develop market driven messaging. Start with a few key insights about your target market and their pain points. I leverage personas for this. If you don’t have them, the work should start ...more
How does experimentation fit into improving messaging? And if you find something that works in one channel, can you translate it across channels?
Head of Product Marketing at Landed
I’m a big believer in experimentation before your messaging hits customers. Typically in the product development and go-to-market planning cycles you have at least two, if not more, opportunities to test different messaging. The first is to sneak it into usability research. If a UI designer is go...more
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