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AMA: Workato Vice President of Product Marketing, William Davis
on Messaging
September 28 @ 10:00am PST
Starts in 8d 11h 45m 42s

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Top Questions
How do you measure the effectiveness of the messaging behind a product? What would you do if you weren't able to A/B (example - if the product's audience were a handful of large Enterprise customers)?
At our start-up we have a history of deeply understanding our users' needs and can create loyalty and retention. But we find we are so careful about getting it "right" when it comes to what our product does that we lose the succint, repeatable marketing message. Do you feel that a succinct, hook-worthy statement that is 80% "right" is better than a "right" statement that is convoluted and hard to remember?
What are short and sweet messaging templates or frameworks that you and your team use?
I am looking for messaging templates. Our team is looking for something short and sweet. If you have a template you can share, that would be great.
What internal messaging efforts have helped you shift your company's mindset from a product company to a solutions or platform company? What worked the best? What mistakes did you make?
At what point do you consider competitive information in your messaging?
How much bearing does your competition have on your messaging? How do you tackle/counter theirs?
What messaging and persona framework do you use? And how much of competitive positioning do you cover in Messaging?
How do you leverage qualitative insights and data to build out a product messaging?
What are some strategies that you've used to share messaging guides internally and ensure commercial team alignment?
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