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AMA: Zuora Senior Director, Product Marketing, Natalie Louie
on Messaging
April 13 @ 10:00am PST

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Messaging With Natalie Louie, Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
Top Questions
What are good messaging framework resources that you use?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
MESSAGING FRAMEWORK Andy Raskin broke down our Zuora messaging framework perfectly: The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen [] This messaging framework we use has 5 elements:  * Name a Big, Relevant Change in the ...more
How often do you update messaging? And what is your approach when updating?
My team is currently updating messaging hierarchies and personas. We've had a shift in GTM as a company. It's been a long process. Trying to understand any best practices to make this a better experience in the future.
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
We are in a constant state of updating various messaging All The Time. In fact, we never feel like we are done.  Our CEO, Tien Tzuo, tells us that the magic to good messaging is in the iteration of it. We are constantly battle testing and iterating on all our messaging. Zuora spent 3 years ite...more
How important is platform positioning and messaging early when you have basic product capabilities?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
I wouldn’t prioritize it and instead focus on iterating on your existing product messaging and positioning. Get clarity on how to message and position your existing products while being mindful of your future product roadmap. Messaging and positioning is something you should always be iterating a...more
B2B Pricing question: In your role working as PM & GTM or working with PE/VC/pricing consulting firms on company valuation & market assessment, Whats your go-to resource with frameworks & examples to conduct B2B pricing power assessment for a product?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
If you want the highest company valuation possible, you need a recurring stream based on a value-based and/or usage-based pricing model. Investors and Wall Street value recurring revenue streams at a much higher multiple than one-time transactional revenue because they are predictable revenue str...more
How do you get to creative, consistent and differentiated messaging? Do you believe in brand positioning/purpose as a north star for messaging?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
We have our brand messaging and corporate messaging which ties to our company purpose and we use it as our north star and map all related messaging to that. It’s important to work in an integrated way so that messaging is consistent and aligned across the company and the products we sell. We spe...more
Should messaging/positioning change from release to release? Or should it be broad enough to carry you through at least a year?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
Yes, messaging and positioning should be revisited for every single release. It is something you are constantly battle testing and iterating on. The best messaging is not something you research, create once and then go back to on an annual basis. The magic is in the iteration of messaging and pos...more
How do you handle pricing? for a new feature?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
Please look here for my pricing framework [
How do you test your messaging? How can you know what your target audience likes/doesn't like? Is interested in or finds boring?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
We test our messaging various ways: * Talk directly to your customers and prospects, interview them, survey them  * Test messaging with analysts who cover your space * Talk to partners, consultants and subject matter experts  * Get feedback from sales * Present it to executives and get thei...more
What internal messaging efforts have helped you shift your company's mindset from a product company to a solutions or platform company? What worked the best? What mistakes did you make?
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
It starts with the PMM team to come up with messaging that positions the benefits of your solutions/platform. PMM’s own the WHY and not the WHAT. Please refer to my other answers on frameworks and best practices to get to good messaging and positioning here [
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