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The Definitive Guide to Behavioral Cohorting First, what are cohorts? Generally speaking, the term ‘cohort’ typically refers to an acquisition cohort: a group of users who all started using your product in the same time period (whether that’s a day, week, or month). When people talk about ‘cohort analysis’, they usually mean measuring the retention of each acquisition cohort over time, which is often visualized like this: Okay, so what are behavioral cohorts? Knowing when a user started is important, but the actions they take in your app or website give you a much deeper understanding of your users and how they interact with your product. That’s where behavioral cohorts come in. A behavioral cohort is a group of users that is defined based on actions they take in your product. Say you have a music streaming app. You’re interested in learning more about users who mark at least 3 songs as a ‘favorite’ on their first day in the app. Here’s how you would define that behavioral cohort in Amplitude: