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Free ebook: Adwords For B2B Marketers

Whether you're just getting started with search engine marketing (SEM) or an experienced pro, this updated version of the AdWords guide covers everything data-driven B2B marketers need to know about using AdWords to generate more leads, more pipeline, and more importantly, more revenue. 1. Researching Great Keywords 2. Creating Relevant Campaigns 3. Bidding Appropriately 4. Using Ad Extensions 5. Converting Traffic Into Customers 6. Co...Read More

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Pg 3 - 1. Understanding The Basics Pg 5 - 2. Creating A Great Keyword Strategy Pg 8 - 3. Creating Relevant Campaigns Pg 9 - 4. Using Retargeting And Customer Match Pg 11 - 5. Bidding Appropriately Pg 13 - 6. Using Site Management For Display Pg 13 - 7. Using Ad Extensions Pg 16 - 8. Creating Effective Landing Pages Pg 18 - 9. Connecting Marketing Data To Revenue In Your CRM Pg 19 - 10. Optimizing Based On ROI

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THE GUIDE TO... AdWords For B2B Marketers Optimizing campaigns based on ROI allows B2B marketers to make decisions based on what drives revenue, rather than what drives leads. This guide is for B2B companies investing in PPC who want to optimize campaigns based on lead-to-revenue tracking information. Getting end-to-end lead tracking information has been difficult for B2B marketers due to long sales cycles, lack of integration between Goog...Read More