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Definitive Guide To Pipeline Marketing It's time to embrace revenue generation with pipeline marketing. In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to optimize for revenue throughout the entire funnel. Specifically, this guide covers: Paid search and social Content marketing Conversion tactics Revenue measurement with attribution And much more Embrace the change. Download this guide to get started!

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THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO PIPELINE MARKETING How to take advantage of this B2B marketing revolution to drive re and accelerate growth. Brought to you by Bizible, the company that coined the term. WELCOME to The Definitive Guide to Pipeline Marketing, brought to you by the company that coined the term. This hands-on guide will walk you through a number of thought- provoking and actionable takeaways high-performing B2B companies have adopted to drive revenue and accelerate growth. Specifically, you’ll learn about the following: 1) So what is pipeline marketing? 2) Marketing is connected to revenue. Now what? Attribution models explained. 3) Driving demand through media: Search engine marketing 4) Driving demand through media: Paid social media 5) Activating content and inbound marketing for compounding growth 6) Best practices for driving conversions with retargeting and nurturing 7) Reporting to get (and keep) the team aligned Time to end the fluff. Let’s get started! 1 So what is pipeline marketing? Marketers have been doing lead generation (the process of creating new contacts) for decades. Using Google Ngram we can see that it’s been around for at least 50 years. That’s before the internet. Before content marketing and growth hacking. Before SaaS and AdWords. While the work might have changed, the mindset hasn’t. As marketers, our hope is that all leads will turn into customers,but this is not a realistic assumption. Thus, at every stage of the funnel unqualified leads will drop off making each stage smaller than the one before (creating a funnel). The problem with the lead generation mindset is that it focuses too heavily on the top of the funnel, weighing too much towards quantity. Unfortunately generating just leads isn’t going to create more customers, but generating more qualified leads will. Making decisions to increase the number of leads you are generating causes misaligned goals with sales and media teams optimizing for cost per lead rather than true business growth which is revenue. Both of these contribute to a less than optimal marketing team. Once you consider this, it’s not a bit surprising that 99% of leads never convert into customers, according to Forrester. Did you know that only 1% of generated leads actually turn into