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Free ebook: The Guide To Cracking the LinkedIn Ads Platform

This guide explains an approach to LinkedIn Ads that is focused on generating revenue. While click-through-rates (CTR) and leads are good indicators, revenue provides a better metric for creating more effective LinkedIn Ads. The guide includes information about: 1. Developing Effective Ads 2. Targeting the Right Audience 3. Account-Based Marketing 4. Managing Bids 5. Maximizing the Results 6. How to Optimize by Revenue Plus much ...Read More

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Pg - 1) The Case for LinkedIn Advertising 2) Developing Effective Ads Pg - 3) Targeting the Right Audience Pg - 4) Account-Based Marketing Pg - 5) Managing Bids Pg - 6) Maximizing Your Results Pg - 7) How to Optimize by Revenue 8) Using Advanced Techniques

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The Guide to Cracking the LinkedIn Ads Platform Learn how to set up revenue tracking, improve your ads, and generate more high quality leads, pipeline, and ultimately, revenue Brought to you by Bizible, a marketing attribution solution that connects marketing data to sales data, enabling you to make smart decisions based on revenue. Whether you are a seasoned pro or thinking about using LinkedIn Ads for the first time, in this guide you’l...Read More