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Cut through the noise and stand out in an increasingly crowded inbox. Get our ebook: 7 Tips and 7 Tactics for Writing Email Subject Lines that People Want to Open In this ebook you learn: The importance and ease of testing emails. What truly impacts open rates in your subject lines. An analysis of overall best practices. Actionable steps you can take to become a subject line god.

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7 tips and 7 tactics for writing subject lines that people want to open A guide to making the most of important words in your email Content Always Be Testing 3 7 Subject Line Tips 5 7 Subject Line Tactics 12 No matter what you’re selling, when you sit down to craft an email subject line, you’re entering one of the most competitive and mercurial marketplaces in all media: the inbox. You’re not just taking on peers within your category, you’re competing for attention against angry bosses, doting mothers, Nigerian princes, and every company in every industry. What’s more, in this highly public and highly dynamic arena, there’s no such thing as a trade secret or a lasting truth: When it comes to writing engaging subject lines,today’s best practices are tomorrow’s overlyimitated tactics. This isn’t meant to dishearten you, but rather to remind you that if you want to engage your unique audience and advance your unique business goals through an email, you need to make sure that email gets opened as many times as possible. What we offer are some tips, tricks, and thoughtstarters to help you make the most of those all important first words. Before we go any further... you really need to be testing. really. Let’s get the disappointment out of the way early: there is no silver bullet or magic formula for writing highperforming subject lines. We know what kinds of things people click, but that doesn’t mean we know which specific thing will cause one subject line to get 50% more opens than another that seemingly says the same thing. Even people who get paid good money to write this stuff all day long (Vooza, UpWorthy, HuffPo) can’t predict which combination of vocabulary and syntax will actually drive the most clicks, which is why they A/B test the crap out of everything the publish. And you should too. Experience and data can show you the recipe, but you have to bake that cake without knowing the oven temperature. The only true path to subject line success is continuous evaluation and optimization, where new subject line hypothesis are benchmarked against your current best performers. That said, there are a number of best practices that can help you jumpstart your creative thinking and avoid unnecessary flops. Think of these pages not as a guide to writing the perfect subject line, but as a guide to creating lots of potentially perfect subject lines to test. Now let’s bake some cakes.