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According to the latest CSO Insights research, companies with a sales enablement function in place outperform those without by 8.2% in higher revenues. However, today 75% of the firms surveyed don’t have this function in place, and the 25% that do could optimize their efforts even further. CSO Insights conducted a survey with 300+ companies in order to understand the role of sales enablement in helping organizations identify prospects and move them more effectively through the sales process to a close. Download a complimentary copy of the 2015 Key Trends Analysis to explore current best practices and case studies. Key topics include: Impact that sales enablement has on global sales organizations today The role that the customer’s journey plays in sales process development How sales enablement functions are being set up within companies The role technology and sales content is playing in supporting sales enablement

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Guide to Buyer Personas A primer on creating and using buyer personas. Contents 3 What are buyer personas? 7 How to create buyer personas 11 Incorporating buyer personas What are buyer personas? Imagine it’s Friday night, and your family is deciding which restaurant to pick for dinner. Everyone has different factors that are important to them. • The kids want a restaurant with crayons and chicken fingers. • Mom wants a place with no wait and a nice wine selection. • Dad wants to spend less than $50 and to be able to watch the game. Each of these different people have different criteria for making the dinner decision. And, each person is an example of a buyer persona. Buyer Personas are a tool for understanding all of the different types of people that are involved in buying your products and services – and how they make their decisions. What goes into a buyer persona? In the dinner example, you actually deal with multiple buyer personas. Mom, Dad and kids are all examples of buyer personas. They all have their own criteria for deciding where to eat dinner, yet they all also influence the other person’s decision. (Because everyone wants the entire family to be happy.) In a business-to-business (B2B) environment, your buyer personas will typically be any person that is involved in the decision to purchase your company’s products. For example, personas evaluating a software product might include:  The primary user of the software  Vice President of the department making the purchase  Someone from the IT department  Someone in the finance department that must approve the purchase order  Someone in legal that must approve the contract