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The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide, Start Your Journey Video marketing magic doesn’t just happen. It requires time, dedication, and a plan. Strategic video marketing, however, solves challenging business issues by connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Build a stellar video marketing plan to overcome your customer lifecycle challenges with our revamped, 22-page, Hero’s Guide to Video Marketing. 75% of marketers are creating custom video...Read More

Table Of Contents

Contents Awareness Campaign 1 Engagement Campaign 2 Conversion Campaign 3 Retention Campaign 4 Advocacy Campaign 5 Additional Resources 6 Videos for each stage of the customer journey 7 Videos for an awareness campaign 7 Videos for an engagement campaign 8 Videos for a conversion campaign 9 Videos for a retention campaign 10 Videos for an advocacy campaign 11

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HERO’S GUIDE TO VIDEO MARKETING Chapter 4 Strategies for Video Marketing Across the Customer Journey In the Hero’s world, not everything is as it seems. So, it can be hard to pinpoint which types of videos best fit into your strategy. With this guide, you’ll start to see things a bit more clearly. No X-ray glasses are necessary. In this chapter, you’ll learn that to make your video goals a reality, specific types of video promoted acros...Read More