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Team Questions
What does the interview process look like for product marketing roles?
What does your org structure & size of the product marketing team look like?
What does success look like for product marketing at Product School, and how do you measure it?
Product MarketingFollow Carlos
How do you get product management to focus more on customer problems and solving them, and less on shipping features that customers don't need?
The Product Manager's job is more than that, but you are right. We have to focus on consumer problems and solve them. However, we have a massive list of problems and bugs to fix and prioritize based on business growth, data results, and features that directly impact the goals. You can try to ask ...more
Product LaunchesFollow Carlos
Who do you typically obtain launch goals from within the organization, especially when matrixes. For example a GM of a business unit, the Product Manager for a Product and the Product Marketing Manager.
I will answer this based on my experience as a Product Manager. All of them define goals for launches. The Product Manager will set the product vision and define the goals to achieve that vision. With the vision goal in hand, the Product Marketer will use the product strategy to develop the go-to...more
Product LaunchesFollow Carlos
Do you have a product launch template that you use to drive product launches?
Hey! At Product School. we don't have a concrete template (yet) but we do follow a checklist to ensure that everything s iaccomplished prior to launch: Marketing Department * Ensure that user analysis is up-to-date and complete. * Know content strategy and channel distribution (includin...more
Product MarketingFollow Carlos
Where should product marketing report into? Product management or marketing?
A Product Marketing Manager’s position varies depending on the company. However, you will find yourself from time to time working very closely together with the PM and count yourselves as part of the team. So depending on the situation, company organization, and phase you are at it will be advisa...more
Product MarketingFollow Carlos
How have you been able to successfully impact the product roadmap when you disagreed with a product leader and were able to persuade them?
As the CEO of Product School, I’ve seen how Product Marketers are responsible for more than they used to be in the past [] . Especially in terms of being aware of ...more
Product MarketingFollow Carlos
How do you help product management understand the value of product marketing (beyond just "helping us launch things")?
As the founder of Product School, I know that Product Marketing is difficult to define because it varies from company to company, and it can even vary between different products. However, it should be common knowledge that Product Marketing does much more than just “helping PMs launch things”.  ...more
Product MarketingFollow Carlos
What does Product Management have to provide in their Project Briefs in order for Product Marketing to be successful?
This is a tricky question! I’d argue that there is more to the collaboration between Product Management and Product Marketing than the effectiveness of the Project Brief. However, you can read more about the relationship between PMMs and PMs here [
Product MarketingFollow Carlos
What are your best practices for building a cohesive partnership with Sales and Product Management?
Great question! Nifty actually did a guest post [] on the Product School’s blog about that.   In a nutshell, they concluded that the interaction with th...more
MessagingFollow Carlos
What technical skills do most successful growth marketers have?
I would say that most successful growth managers are adept with Data Analytics [] and Digital Marketing. [
Product LaunchesFollow Carlos
What are the most common hurdles you encounter that prevent launches from achieving their goals? Conversely, are there challenges you prepare for that never really materialize?
Phenomenal questions and subsequent responses.  To add to this, I would say that there are several major factors that prevent product launches from being successful: [