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Guide to Effective Email Drip Campaigns Each Earth Day serves as an annual reminder to practice sustainability. As an email marketer, it’s a great time to reflect on your strategies to ensure that your success is long-lasting. Campaigner has compiled five best practices to help marketers create sustainable email campaigns year-round!

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The Campaigner® Guide to Effective EMAIL DRIP CAMPAIGNS Successful Email Marketing is a Marathon — Not a Sprint A 2013 Gallup poll on honesty and ethics in various professions found car salespeople near the bottom of the list, with an honesty rating of just 9%. Why do those selling cars face the public’s lowest levels of trust? Because, as the reasoning goes, in car sales you have one chance to make a sale — and even if you do, you won’t likely see that customer again for years. So building a relationship isn’t the objective; the lifetime value of any customers who walk into your showroom will be whatever revenue you can earn from them right now. As an email marketer, of course, you take the opposite philosophy: Don’t jeopardize your hard-earned subscribers and customers by bombarding them with high-pressure promotional emails. Here, the long-term customer relationship is the main objective. Or, as marketing expert Seth Godin puts it, “One subscriber is worth 1,000 surfers”. View it this way: Car selling is a sprint (sell to them right now, before they leave), while smart email marketing is a marathon (build a relationship, and sell to them forever). So how can you simultaneously maximize your email campaigns’ effectiveness, taking care not to send too many messages (or too few, or too irrelevant) to your subscribers, while also streamlining the process for more efficiency? Create a custom, automated Email Drip Campaign. When it’s Time for Water, Marathon Runners Don’t Gulp: They Sip. When it’s Time to Market, Smart Emailers Don’t Blast: They Drip. So what exactly is an Email Drip Campaign? Drip Campaigns are a logical sequence of emails automated to send at pre-set time intervals, based on specific actions taken by the recipient. After a visitor to your site downloads a brochure, for example, and opts to receive future informational emails and subscriber-only offers, your series of messages will begin automatically “dripping” into their email inboxes over time. When you create them properly, segment them for relevance and personalize each message, your smart Email Drip Campaigns can help you build the trust and even anticipation of your content by subscribers. A successful Email Drip Campaign involves two interrelated components: 1. A well-planned series of highly relevant email messages sent to subscribers or customers based on specific actions they take (signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase from your store, downloading your white paper, etc.). 2. Carefully planned time intervals to send or “drip” these emails. Too frequent, and you risk turning off the subscriber; too infrequent (or too unpredictable), and you might not build the relationship and mindshare you’re aiming for. “The race does not always go to the swift, but often to the ones who keep running”. —Anonymous