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The performance of your paid programs can have a fundamental impact on meeting growth targets. With so many competing priorities- mobile, display, retargeting, social ads- etc. It is tough to know if your paid strategy is fully capitalizing on the right opportunities to maximize ROI. Download this eBook and deep dive into important topics marketers like you are buzzing about including: - Perfecting audience segmentation - Adopting a personalized approach - Using Organic Insights - Optimization must-have's Get the latest trends, technologies, and tips in executing a killer Paid search strategy by downloading this exclusive eBook today.

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4 TRENDS IN PAID STRATEGY FOR B2B MARKETERS The performance of your paid programs can have a fundamental impact on meeting growth targets. For many marketers, paid programming is both an area of constant oversight and observation, as well as opportunity generation—whether using an external agency or run in-house. The future of paid ROI closely hinges on companies ability to segment data and group campaigns into logical categories. In order to pivot strategy and shift budgets and bids, your campaigns must be set up in a way that allows you to analyze performance and make decisions that drive to higher value leads and customers. B2B PAID ADVERTISING USAGE SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) 58% PRINT OR OTHER OFFLINE PROMO 52% TRADITIONAL ONLINE BANNER ADS 49% SOCIAL ADS (E.G. LINKEDIN ADS) 48% PROMOTED POSTS (E.G. PAID TWEETS) 42% NATIVE ADVERTISING 34% CONTENT DISCOVERY TOOLS 13% SOURCE: 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends— North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs If you use an agency, an internal marketer should influence campaign segmentation in the overall strategy of paid, and optimize for better ROI versus simply increasing spend. If you nail campaign segmentation and adjust for the channel and targeting options available, you can then map those groupings to your landing page—the place where your paid dollars should drive traffic. After the traffic acquisition via paid, the next generation of paid strategy takes into account the four fundamental opportunities for both personalization and optimization of your landing pages. Getting those right is what nets greater conversion rates—and more revenue from every dollar spent on paid advertising. So whether your marketing team is spending $5k or $80k per month on paid channels, this ebook covers four critical areas every demand-generation marketer should focus on in order to ignite and revamp a paid strategy quickly: SEGMENTATION Create segments by channel PERSONALIZATION Focus on personalizing the landing page to increase conversions INSIGHTS Use insights from your organic search strategy to influence paid search OPTIMIZATION Forget what you think you know about your audience and optimize through testing