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Free ebook: CMO's Guide to Growth Marketing: Top 5 Priorities for Successfully Growing Your Company

CMOs are better equipped now than anyone else in the company to guide, manage, and accelerate revenue growth. With all this opportunity comes many competing strategies, tactics, and alignment issues. Modern marketers today struggle with determining which growth priorities to focus on and in what order, while keeping in mind the fundamental 'math of the business'. Download this guide to learn 5 strategies modern marketers can use to manage and increase growth for their company such as: - Determining your company’s vision - Creating the right plan based on math of your business - Aligning on goals across departments - Scaling company growth - Setting and reporting on the right metrics Get the top priorities, reporting templates, and tips for scaling your company by downloading our Guide To Growth Marketing.

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Pg 3 - Executive Summary Pg 5 - Part 1: Formulate Your Vision for Growth Pg 9 - Part 2: Plan & Execute Your Growth Marketing Vision Pg 14 - Part 3: Sales & Marketing Alignment Pg 17 - Part 4: Scaling Growth Marketing Results Pg 20 - Part 5: Metrics, Reporting, and Refinement Pg 24 - Summary Pg 27 - About Captora

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CMO’S GUIDE TO GROWTH MARKETING Top 5 Priorities for Successfully Growing Your Company TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 PART 1 FORMULATE YOUR VISION FOR GROWTH  5 PART 2 PLAN & EXECUTE YOUR GROWTH MARKETING VISION  9 PART 3 SALES & MARKETING ALIGNMENT 14 PART 4 SCALING GROWTH MARKETING RESULTS 17 PART 5 METRICS, REPORTING, AND REFINEMENT 20 SUMMARY 24 ABOUT CAPTORA 27 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 2013, McKinsey proclaimed marketers as the rightful owners of the corporate growth agenda. In an economy where “grow fast or die slow” is the business mantra, growing revenue is the highest corporate priority. So, why is marketing in charge? Because in the SaaS industry, marketers now have access to more and better data than anyone else in the company to guide, manage, and accelerate revenue growth. In the SaaS 1.0 days, growth strategies often boiled down to simple directives like, “Hire more sales reps!” That’s obviously not effective since the average B2B buyer today gets more than halfway through to a purchase decision before ever engaging with a sales rep. Under the old model, reps were largely responsible for their own pipelines while marketing managed branding and launched new products. As the SaaS model took hold in the enterprise, however, old-school marketing management has yielded increasingly dismal pipeline metrics: GROW FASTER + IMPROVE CAC = MAXIMUM VALUE Saas 1.0 Pre-2005 Saas 2.0 - ‘05 to ‘15 Saas 3.0 - 2015+ Magic Number .5 to .85 1.25 to 1.75 1.5 to 3 Inside AE Quota <.$75m ARR >$1m ARR >$1.5m ARR % Pipeline Sales Owns >30% <20% <20% % Mktg OPEX to Sales <40% ~80% <60% Note To calculate the Magic Number, take the change in subscription revenue between two quarters, annualize it (multiply by four), and divide the result by the sales and marketing spend for the earlier of the two quarters.