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Free ebook: The Ultimate Persona Interview Guide: A how-to guide for conducting insightful persona interviews

Learn: - What questions to ask - How to choose candidates - 7 tips for nailing the interview

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Pg 6 - Structuring Your Interview Guide - Organizational Context - Propensity to Buy - Personality Attributes - Motivators & Priorities - Content Clues Pg 16 - Recruiting Candidates - Who Do I Interview? - To Incent or Not to Incent - Sample Communications Pg 22 - Conducting the Interview Pg 24 - Takeaways and Insights

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The Ultimate Persona Interview  Guide how-­to guide for conducting insightful persona interviews. Questions What to ask. Interviews Do ‘em right! Candidates Who to talk to. Next Steps Now what? About Samantha These  insights  are  provided  by  Samantha  Stone,  Founder  &  Principal  Analyst  of  the  MarkeIng  Advisory  Network.  Throughout  her  career,  Samantha  has  launched  go-­‐to-­‐market  iniIaIves  and  lead  markeIng  strategies  for  award-­‐winning,  high  growth  technology  companies  including  Netezza,  SAP,  AscenIal  SoKware  and  PowersoK.  In  2012  she  founded  The  MarkeIng  Advisory  Network  to  help  enterprises  unleash  the  possible  within  their  organizaIons.   You  can  read  more  about  her  markeIng  philosophy  and  get  pracIcal  advice  by  visiIng  or  following  her  on  twiQer  @SamanthaStone.  Email  her  at     About Cintell The guide was produced by Cintell. Our mission is to create a customer-centric world. We help businesses like yours collect, manage, and share persona insights in an easy-­‐to-­‐use online tool.   Welcome.   With  the  rise  of  powerful  markeIng  technology,  marketers  are  in  a  posiIon  to  beQer  serve  our  customers  and  internal  stakeholders  than  ever  before.  But  the  effecIveness  of  these  tools  and  technologies  are  only  as  robust  as  the  underlying  strategy.   That  strategy  begins  with  a  deep  understanding  of  our  buyers.  In  this  fast-­‐changing,  buyer-­‐driven  world,  it’s  never  been  more  important  to  become  expert  at  who  our  buyers  are  –  and  get  to  know  them  beyond  their  job  title.     Our  new  empowered  B2B  consumer  seeks  relevancy  and  empathy.  And  marketers  know  this:  In  a  recent  ITSMA  study,  technology  marketers  predicted  that  understanding  buyers  will  soon  become  their  #1  responsibility.   But  getting  to  this  insight  is  not  easy.  There  are  no  short  cuts.  Primary  research  is  the  cornerstone  of  meaningful  customer  intelligence.  It  illuminates  the  true  perspective  of  your  market,  giving  you  the  groundwork  for  solid,  actionable  buyer  personas.     I’m  so  honored  and  excited  to  have  partnered  with  Cintell  advisor  and  persona  coach  Samantha  Stone  to  bring  this  very  actionable  guide  to  life.  It’s  intended  for  companies  who  want  to  drive  more  customer-­‐centricity  in  their  organizations.  I  hope  you  find  it  helpful  in  your  own  journey.