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Free ebook: 2016 Sales Effectiveness Report - 4Ps of Lead Follow-Up

Inbound leads are far too valuable—and too expensive—to let languish.... Luckily, understanding and exercising the most effective strategies for managing your critical inbound leads is pretty straightforward and our 2016 Sales Effectiveness Report on Lead Follow-up can help you find ways to maximize both your leads and your time. This year, we secret shopped 538 companies across nine industries and tracked each company’s response time f...Read More

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2016 SALES EFFECTIVENESS REPORT Lead Follow-Up Introduction Sales effectiveness has many components. For this second annual report, we studied how the way companies initially engage with their leads can set them on a course for success or failure. While a steady stream of leads from your website or other sources looks like a huge success, you shouldn’t pop the champagne cork just yet. Now is when the real work begins: Engaging each and ev...Read More