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Free ebook: Sales Enablement Optimization Study: 2015 Key Trends Analysis

According to the latest CSO Insights research, companies with a sales enablement function in place outperform those without by 8.2% in higher revenues. However, today 75% of the firms surveyed don’t have this function in place, and the 25% that do could optimize their efforts even further. CSO Insights conducted a survey with 300+ companies in order to understand the role of sales enablement in helping organizations identify prospects and m...Read More

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Pg 1 - Introduction Pg 5 - Key Trends: Sales Enablement Directly Reports to These Functions Pg 7 - User Communities Serviced by Sales Enablement Pg 9 - Functional Areas That Collaborate with Sales Pg 11 - Goals of Sales Enablement Pg 13 - Sales Enablement's Primary Services Pg 15 - Sales Process Aligned With Customer's Journey Pg 18 - Effectiveness of Training as Rated by the Salesperson Pg 21 - Effectiveness of Customer-facing Content and Tools for the Sales Team Pg 24 - Effectiveness of Internal-facing Content and Tools for the Sales Team Pg 27 - Processes Used for Managers to Coach Their Sales Teams Pg 30 - Sales Teams Have Access to Sales Enablement Content Technology Pg 33 - Going Forward Analysis Pg 40 - About CSO Insights

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