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Free ebook: Sales Enablement Optimization Study: 2015 Key Trends Analysis

According to the latest CSO Insights research, companies with a sales enablement function in place outperform those without by 8.2% in higher revenues. However, today 75% of the firms surveyed don’t have this function in place, and the 25% that do could optimize their efforts even further. CSO Insights conducted a survey with 300+ companies in order to understand the role of sales enablement in helping organizations identify prospects and move them more effectively through the sales process to a close. Download a complimentary copy of the 2015 Key Trends Analysis to explore current best practices and case studies. Key topics include: Impact that sales enablement has on global sales organizations today The role that the customer’s journey plays in sales process development How sales enablement functions are being set up within companies The role technology and sales content is playing in supporting sales enablement

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Pg 1 - Introduction Pg 5 - Key Trends: Sales Enablement Directly Reports to These Functions Pg 7 - User Communities Serviced by Sales Enablement Pg 9 - Functional Areas That Collaborate with Sales Pg 11 - Goals of Sales Enablement Pg 13 - Sales Enablement's Primary Services Pg 15 - Sales Process Aligned With Customer's Journey Pg 18 - Effectiveness of Training as Rated by the Salesperson Pg 21 - Effectiveness of Customer-facing Content and Tools for the Sales Team Pg 24 - Effectiveness of Internal-facing Content and Tools for the Sales Team Pg 27 - Processes Used for Managers to Coach Their Sales Teams Pg 30 - Sales Teams Have Access to Sales Enablement Content Technology Pg 33 - Going Forward Analysis Pg 40 - About CSO Insights

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