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Content personalization is an indispensable part of the customer journey, from first touch all the way to close. This is according to more than 180 B2B enterprise stakeholders surveyed as part of a new report from Seismic and Demand Metric. The report finds that 64% of marketers believe that sales team support and enablement is their top objective this year, only second to lead generation. More so, 80% of respondents indicate that their objectives are better met when content is personalized. “Much like how marketing automation disrupted the marketing landscape about a decade ago, marketers today that can execute a holistic and efficient content personalization process before their competitors do will be in a much better position to win more deals and close more sales.”- Doug Winter, CEO of Seismic Most B2B marketers are still in the beginning stages of this process. This report from Seismic and Demand Metric reveals how personalization, and implementing tools to help streamline the content personalization process, is top of mind for B2B executives, and how those without an effective personalization process could be left behind.

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Pg 3 - Introduction Pg 4 - Executive Summary Pg 6 - Content Marketing Importance & Objectives Pg 9 - Content Personalization Overview Pg 13 - Current State of Personalization Pg 15 - Personalization Methods Pg 20 - Metrics, Future Usage & Effectiveness Pg 23 - Analyst Bottom Line Pg 24 - Acknowledgements Pg 25 - Appendix – Survey Background

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Content Personalization: Content Marketing's Evolution Content Marketing's Evolution: The Age of Hyper-Personalization and Automation Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t 3 Introduction 4 Executive Summary 6 Content Marketing Importance & Objectives 9 Content Personalization Overview 13 Current State of Personalization 15 Personalization Methods 20 Metrics, Future Usage & Effectiveness 23 Analyst Bottom Line 24 Acknowledgements 25 Appendix – Survey Background INTRODUCTION Does the use of content personalization increase content effectiveness, and if so, to what degree? This study’s goal was to find out. Content personalization is not a new approach. Consider the joy the average person experiences over receiving a hand-written letter or note via snail mail. Compare that to the enthusiasm for correspondence addressed to the “box holder” or “To Whom it May Concern”. We all like to receive letters, mail – content – that was prepared specifically for us. The knowledge that someone took the time to create something intended just for our consumption, based on a relationship or what is known about us, is compelling. The assumption is that content in the digital realm likewise benefits from personalization or customization. A marketer’s intuition leads to the conclusion that no matter how great the content quality, it is more likely to see consumption and have a greater impact when it too is personalized. There really isn’t an argument against content personalization, but there are barriers, real and imagined. How possible is it to personalize content effectively? How much content needs personalization to have an impact? To what extent should content be personalized? And the most important question is simply, how much more effective is personalized content? In pursuit of answers to these questions, Demand Metric and Seismic partnered on research to get a set of benchmark data to guide content personalization efforts. This report presents the findings of this research, giving modern marketing leaders data and guidelines to eliminate the guesswork about making content more effective through personalization.