using content marketing to help sales
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Free ebook: The Impact of Content Effectiveness on Sales & Marketing

Content, when effective, will meet the needs of the sales team. However, according to research, up to 70% of marketing content is never used by sales. The key to increasing the effectiveness of content is to align it with the buyer needs. Businesses that prioritize alignment with customer expectations have notable improvements in sales productivity, resulting in higher revenue attainment. So how do those businesses do it? The answer is: Sal...Read More

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Pg 3 - Introduction Pg 4 - Executive Summary Pg 6 - The Content Process Pg 13 - Content Process Success Factors Pg 20 - Content Use Pg 23 - Content Impact on Revenue Pg 25 - Analyst Bottom Line Pg 27 - Acknowledgements Pg 28 - About Showpad & Demand Metric Pg 30 - Appendix: Survey Background

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The Impact of Content Effectiveness on Sales & Marketing TABLE OF CONTENTS 6 13 20 Introduction 3 Executive Summary 4 The Content Process 6 Content Process Success Factors 13 Content Use ...Read More