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EXPERT ABM SUCCESS KIT: BUILDING YOUR TARGET ACCOUNT LIST LEARN HOW EASY IT IS TO GET STARTED WITH ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING. Inside this Success Kit, we’ll walk you through each one of the steps needed to build your target account list. You’ll learn how to: Bring together key stakeholders Identify the companies with the most potential to your business Break your list into segments Measure success

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THE EXPERT ABM SUCCESS KIT: BUILDING YOUR TARGET ACCOUNT LIST INTRODUCTION For too long, there’s been a pervasive problem challenging B2B marketers: the quest for more leads. As marketers have been under more pressure to prove ROI on their efforts, leads have been an easy KPI to measure. Unfortunately, leads don’t always turn into revenue, which is the most important KPI for any business. It’s easy to lose sight of this fact, especially when Sales is always asking for more. To break out of this pattern, Sales and Marketing need to align their strategy to accommodate today’s B2B buying behavior. One way to do this is through the adoption of Account-Based Marketing. ABM allows Sales and Marketing to collaborate on a list of target accounts, rather than working in silos to generate lead volume or frantically cold call every company in the phone book. With ABM, you’ll focus on lead quality rather than quantity, which will yield higher conversion rates: TRADITIONAL FUNNEL vs ABM FUNNEL WHAT IS A TARGET ACCOUNT LIST? A target account list consists of the companies with the most potential to your business— which can include customers, prospects and partners or a mix of all three. PURPOSE OF THE LIST ALIGNED RESOURCES SHARED FOCUS FACILITATED COMPLIANCE 79%of marketing leads never convert into sales 60%of marketers plan on investing in technology for ABM to better align Sales and Marketing over the next 12 months (SiriusDecisions) 50% of marketing generated leads are not followed up by Sales (MillerPierce) HOW TO BUILD THE LIST As you start to think about the companies you want to target, you’ll need to bring together key stakeholders from Sales and Marketing. SALES Inform size of the list and focus of marketing efforts MARKETING Build programs to drive pipeline and revenue OPERATIONS Work with existing data and evaluate new technology to facilitate ABM THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS TO APPROACH THE LIST-BUILDING PROCESS: · Evaluate your current customer base to create a lookalike model · Leverage your list of named accounts, which include verticals and strategic accounts · Use data to generate a list of companies, and then have a discussion with your sales team to validate a set of target accounts · Use account identification technology to determine the high-value accounts most likely to buy and best individuals within those accounts With account identification technology, you’ll be able to identify the high value accounts that are most likely to buy, based on a variety of signals—that go beyond traditional firmographic data— such as product usage, business fit, culture, budget, interests, investments and a network of business relationships. The model used with this technology can be informed by the other methods listed above.