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Free ebook: The Super Hero Life Of Your Prospecting Email

Successful Prospecting Emails Have a Secret You Need To Know About. Overcoming an un-easy reputation from association with its disreputable spammy cousin, a good prospecting email has the character of a super hero. By using laser focus and superior intelligence, prospecting emails enable your organization to broaden its reach and reach those most in need of your services. A DiscoverOrg survey revealed that 75% of IT Execs have taken an app...Read More

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Pg 2 - Intro - The Lairs of Prospecting Emails’ Greatest Foes - Smog of SPAM (i.e. the Land of SPAM Filters) - The Deluge of Deletion: The Fickle Finger of Fate - The Island of Ignore Pg 16 - The Anatomy of a Super Hero Prospecting Email Pg 20 - How DiscoverOrg Can Help You Save the Day - X-Ray Vision - Infrared Homing - Super Speed Pg 23 - Super Hero Spotlight: RealLinx

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THE Super Hero life OF YOUR Prospecting email INTRO... There are a lot of misconceptions about email prospecting. It is time to stop being afraid to use email to reach new customers. Effective email prospecting involves contacting well-qualified prospects with repeat touches that establish you as a trusted source. Email prospecting is about creating a connection. What is email prospecting? Specifically, it is using email toconnect wit...Read More